Wireless Dog Fence

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    albertmgposted 6 years ago

    Wireless Dog Fence to Keep Your Kitchen Dog-free
    Dogs like being near where food is, but you can keep them away from the kitchen using a wireless dog fence.  There are two kinds of wireless dog fence: one keeps the dog within an invisible boundary and the other keeps the dog away from an area.  The latter is used to deter the dog from coming into such places as the kitchen or nursery. 

    Wireless dog fence transmitter placed within the kitchen or nursery and set for coverage of a certain radius works in tandem with a receiver within the collar of the dog.  Whenever the dog comes near the invisible boundary or barrier, the receiver triggers off a deterrent pulse or shock which forces the dog to stand back and move away.  A few attempts are enough to train the dog to keep off certain areas.

    Cook without worrying about dog hair in your food.  Gets a wireless dog fence working for you.