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A Theme a Week Photography - Project 52 - 2012 Part II

Updated on June 29, 2014

Now coming into the second quarter of my project, as mentioned in my introductory hub, A Theme a Week Photography - Project 52 - 2012, I have divided my entire year's project of 53 weeks, into four parts for easy reading!

I have written this hub in general, simple English (plain English) and I have not used any formal language.

Week #14 - Theme - Night

Night photos are really beautiful. They have that dreamy look with the lights being captured in a totally beautiful way.

Night theme can be used to represent darkness, or you can capture photos of beautiful landscapes at night. Night photography has to be done with utmost care, as we get clear and neat photographs only with longer exposure. So a tripod is the best help. I have myself not used a tripod, but I have managed to take very few good pictures and the other ones have turned out blurry.

The photo I have submitted here is a picture of a girl, that I took under a dim lamp in a park. As you see, the photo is blurred, but I like the effect it has created on that photo. I did take a few night shots that week, but decided to post this one, because it feels different and tells something.

This is a collage of few of the many pictures taken over the Easter period !
This is a collage of few of the many pictures taken over the Easter period !

Week #15 - Theme - Easter

Easter reminds us of Easter eggs and Easter bunnies, although it is celebrated for a different reason. This week's theme being Easter, I thought that I will submit a collage of all the photos that I took at various places that week.

This collage includes mini Easter eggs from our office, Easter eggs and chicken decoration which I found at a place where we attended a meeting that week, a chocolate pizza and then an Easter egg and chocolate mug.

This theme can be interpreted as every other theme. One can photograph services in Church on Easter day or services related to Easter, any gathering for Easter, Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, etc.

A Programmer at work !!!
A Programmer at work !!!

Week #16 - Theme - Technology

There is loads of varieties you can think of, while looking for the theme, "technology". I made it quite simple, by posting a picture of my friend writing code for a software that he was developing.

Technology theme is vast! One can photograph any technology, computers, machinery, circuit boards, anything that is related to technology.

Foods prepared in the kitchen this week
Foods prepared in the kitchen this week

Week #17 - Theme - The Kitchen

The theme kitchen is quite an easy one. You can photograph your kitchen, or parts of your kitchen or tools and appliances that you use in kitchen, or be creative with the smallest of things you can find in a kitchen.

I decided to post a few different food that I cooked that week in my kitchen and also photos of some food prepared at my friend's kitchen. It is something like food photography, but I am using the excuse that this food was prepared in the kitchen.

The Suspension Bridge - Bedford UK
The Suspension Bridge - Bedford UK

Week #18 - Theme - Symmetry

Symmetry means, proportionality and balance. Symmetry can be very neat and beautiful looking and very professional in photography.

You need patience to create a photo with symmetry. In our day to day life, we see symmetrical things everywhere at all times. But you need to have a good point of view to capture that perfect shot. It will not be a great big difficulty to shoot a symmetry photograph. Just walk by town, or to parks etc., and I am sure you will find bridges, buildings, gates, sculptures, and many more objects that portray symmetry. Even gardens might have symmetrical forms that you can photograph.

The submission here for this week is the Suspension bridge here in Bedford!

The sky across the fields.
The sky across the fields.

Week #19 - Theme - Sky & Clouds

Sky and clouds is another interesting theme. We all know, nature puts on her show all the time. The sky and the clouds are never the same. You see different patterns and have different lights, that give that different feel to the sky and the clouds.

This week was a pretty busy week for me, as I was getting ready for my holidays, a visit to my hometown after 3 years, that's a long time I know, when you have your family there. So I quickly took this picture on my mobile while I was with my friend in her car. The sky looked dramatic, with the sun and the grey and white clouds just before a cloudburst if I am not mistaken.

Week #20 - Theme - Contrasting Colours

Contrasting colours! This theme will expect one to look for a contrast of colours, different densities of colours in the photograph. You can select anything from 2 to many colours in a contrast theme photograph.

Paintings, arrangements of colours of any objects, an object against a contrast background, etc, you can choose to capture what pleases yourself.

For my submission, I have captured a the snack we had while I was on holidays in India. It is an Indian snack made out of paneer, and it is not so spicy as it looks, I think it is just the added colours.

Week #21 - Theme - Flowers

Flowers, a pretty easy theme. One can photograph any flower, parts of the flower or artificial flowers, or anything that has flowers on them. I have seen many creative photographs with flowers, that are simply breath-taking.

So experiment with the different ideas that you have. Look through the lens, you see things differently. It gives you ideas, makes you go creative.

I submitted a bunch of flowers that I came across while out on a walk in my neighbourhood.

Week #22 - Theme - Self Portrait

Self portrait can seem difficult, but it is not. All it takes is practice, after that you will be an expert with self portraits. You can use a mirror to see what you are capturing and mobiles with front facing camera can be used to practice, although they are not high quality cameras.

Self portrait can be creative. You will sometimes wonder at the results. Most of my photos are self portraits, as I do not have people around or near me who can photograph myself. You can use a self timer on your camera, use a high quality webcam. Anything to get that perfect shot.

You will be amazed at the results.

The one I have submitted was taken on a hot and humid day, and you can see the scorching effect of the Sun.

Week #23 - Theme - Straight out of Camera

This week's theme, was Straight out of the camera, which meant we were not allowed to do any kind of edits on the pictures. This means, you can not change anything like even the minor changes, like brightness, contrast, exposure, etc.

So while taking the picture, you have to be sure that you use the correct settings on your camera, so that the picture comes out perfect.

The picture I submitted for this theme was taken at a beach at sunset.

Week #24 - Theme - Architecture

Architectural photography is about photographing buildings and similar structures. It has to be neat. Photographers use different techniques and equipments for this purpose. The perspective has to be perfect in architectural photography.

Architectural photography can be either external architecture or internal architecture.

My submission is not exactly an architectural photography. It was the end of my holidays and I was flying on that day. This picture of the stadium was taken just before landing.

Week #25 - Theme - Love ♥

Love! This is a very beautiful and creative theme.

Love can be presented in photography in various ways. Heart shapes created in many ways, for example, in shadows, in decorations which include food decorations, in shapes, in nature etc. You can also present photographs of humans which portray love between partners, between parents and children, between friends, between pets, also love between animals and birds and any living thing.

Candid shots and emotions of people can be captured and presented for this theme. I have presented the picture of a couple whom I saw in the park that week.

Week #26 - Theme - Water

Water is another vast theme, where you can photograph water from anywhere.

Examples of these are drops of water, water splashing, a waterfall, a river, a lake, sea, waves, etc. You can also photograph objects in water, like boats in water, fish and other animals in water, humans using water, water dripping from a tap, and many more.

The submission here is of a river back in my hometown.

I hope you enjoyed the second part of my project. Please feel free to comment and feedback.

The introduction to this project can be found here, A Theme a Week Photography - Project 52 - 2012

The first part of this project can be found here, A Theme a Week Photography - Project 52 - 2012 Part I

The next part of this project can be found here - A Theme a Week Photography - Project 52 - 2012 Part III

The final part of this project can be found here - A Theme a Week Photography - Project 52 - 2012 Part IV


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