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Crayola Pencils: The Full Crayola Colored Pencil Range

Updated on July 16, 2011

Crayola Colored Pencils

Crayola 24 pack color pencils, I buy loads of these a year, as I go through them like paper.
Crayola 24 pack color pencils, I buy loads of these a year, as I go through them like paper.

Crayola Color Pencil Range

As stated before in another hubpage, by far the cheapest color pencils that also produce great results are the Crayola colored pencil range, they are great for laying down one colour over another and blending too, although I do use other coloured pencils, Crayola has an entire range that just seems far more an option to buy than some of the most expensive brands of colored pencils.

And within the Crayola art range they have a versatile mix of pencil types for any varying art project you choose, here I will list a complete product list of all the range that I have seen online at Amazon, although I have probably missed a few out, so if you spot any, tell us in the comments.

See also - Crayola Twistable Pencils

The Standard Crayola Colored Pencil Packs

The standard colored pencil packs are the most easily recognizable brand out there as they are the originals,the titans of quality but affordable color pencil crayons, most schools may have them stocked up for classrooms art classes or even art colleges all over the world.

They come in packs of 8, 12, 16 24, 36 and 50 and so the beginners set of 8 or 12 will do to start you off with the crayola color range pretty well.

My ulitimate favourite thing to do with Crayola colored pencil crayons is to blend fire and ice colours with reds and yellows for the fire and small touches of purple with blue for ice and snow colours.

Also see - Crayola Washable Markers

Crayola Twistable Color Pencils, Buy Them From Amazon

Crayola Twistable Color Pencil Crayons

The twistable color pencil range is really just a branded ame for a mehcanical pencil, but instead of a pump action exposed lead, a twist is all you need to start coloring in your favourite artworks, plus there is no sharpening needed which cuts down on the stress of when you lose your pencil sharpener, like I do!

Again they come in various packs of 12, 18 and 30, with possiblly more pack sets if you search on amazon.

These particular colored pencils are erasable too, which makes it great for any mistakes you might accidentally do whilst coloring your masterpieces.

Crayola Short Colored Pencils(For Young Kids)

 The crayola short color pencls are ideal for young kids with smaller hands, obviously they feel more comfortable to use than the standard color pencils, just leave these for nursery or first few years of primary school kids to use as they just fit that age range well I think and these smaller color pencils are a great introduction into art for young kids.

Pack sizes are 12 and 64 pencil sets, but again there maybe more pack sets available.

Crayola Watercolor Colored Pencils, Buy Them Now For Some Watercolor Magic

Crayola Watercolor Color Pencils

 The watercolor range is something that any color pencil manufacturer tries and creates and these are quite beautiful pencils even if you use them dry like normal color pencils, but I prefer to use them as intended as watercolors, just by drawing and coloring them as normal and going over them with a wet wash.

The colors look very bright and I can see an in depth review of these on the horizon here at Hubpages.

Packs of 12 and 24 and possibly more packed sets.

Crayola Color Pencil Classpacks, Buy Them In Bulk On Amazon and Save Some Money

Crayola Big Class Packs Of Colored Pencils

For some, the large packs of the crayola colored pencils are a best buy, as they can buy a large box, so they don't need to buy anymore for a good while, or if schools are purchasing them for their students, then they could save on bulk buys, which is the norm for most art orders.

There are many class packs available and you get lots of pencils in them, some at 240 packs or more and these are good value for your art materials, I've bought the occasional box of colored pencils now and again, although I have bought more of the standard 24 pack of color pencils in the Crayola range as I can go out and buy these around the corner if I need them and boy do I need them.

Also see - Crayola Art Cases

My Crayola Colour Pencil Drawing Example Video

Standard Crayola Long Colored Pencils To Buy On Amazon

Crayola Coloured Pencils

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    • waynet profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Tully 

      7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      They should do....

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      can i purchase Crayola standard long color pencil

      200pcs Black

      200pcs Blue

      200pcs Royal Blue

      200pcs Violet

    • waynet profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Tully 

      9 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Cheers there Robert, I knew there would be others I can add to the Crayola Range, just my impatience to look elswhere other than Amazon!!

      And those other pencils, especially the metallic ones I used to like drawing futuristic robots with them as they appeared quite shiny, but I haven't bought them in years...

      Thanks for that suggestion I'll try and do that as a separate hubpage as I know what I do sometimes, I just whip these hubpages out with the thought of adding to them later on with more stuff like I do my blogs!!

      I have just the idea to do a crayola demonstration with my other pens and paper that I use for my comic book art...cheers you've given me an idea!!

    • robertsloan2 profile image


      9 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      This is a good overview of the Crayola products, but there are more available on Dick Blick. They have a "True to Life" set of eight in colors like Amazon Rainforest, that I think are multiple colors in the same lead so that you can get patterned effects by twisting the pencil in a single stroke. Blick also carries Crayola Color Sticks, which are pentagonal but seem to be the same thing as Prismacolor's Art Stix but in the Crayola lead formula, in 12 color sets. Probably useful for filling in large areas or doing strokes on their sides like the Art Stix are.

      The watercolor pencils are very good. I got them for Sascha and they have the same soft texture as other watercolor pencils, the same vivid washes if you add water. Erasable comes in a range of 24, I got those for Sascha too. Only $7.10 for the 24 set, these are a bit cheaper than Sanford Col-Erase and serve the same purpose if you want to sketch in related colors so that you don't get graphite under your colored pencils drawings.

      I would actually recommend the erasables, either Crayola or Col-Erase, even for serious archival fine art as long as you're going over it -- because it's only the sketch lines, their lightfastness wouldn't matter as much as it does for a painting that is to be framed and hung. For comics art, lightfastness is not a problem! For anything where the reproductions are the main point of the art, I agree with you -- Crayola is the best of the cheap ones.

      I have yet to actually test its lightfastness and might someday, depends on when we have a long enough lease that I know I'll be a year in one place. If the Crayola are lightfast even in part of their range, it's important for artists to know which colors can be trusted to extend artist grade pencils.

      Blick only has twistables in packs of 12 and 18. Write Start are extra bulky hexagonal pencils designed to be easier for small children to hold. Crayola also has a set of eight "Heads 'n Tails" double-ended pencils, they're fun for having a range of 16 but only needing to carry 8 pencils. The names are silly but for sketching, who cares?

      There's also a set of eight metallic colors, of which they aren't all included in the 50 color set of regular ones. The gold, silver and bronze are, the tinted metallics aren't. Why I like tinted metallics: they rock for the mid-range coloring in chrome effects. That extra sparkle in a blue metallic contrasted with white, or shaded in with a little metallic red and green within the midtone area gives it more pizazz. I will sometimes shade with them as if they're not metallic colors.

      Prismacolor discontinued their metallics a long time ago but I still have them as vintage colors, use them pretty often.

      Love the hub, it's a good idea to review what you're doing! Here's a suggestion -- what's a good paper for a comics artist who wants good laydown with colored pencils and doesn't want to spend a lot because you're going to be doing hundreds of drawings? What surfaces and pens do you like using with your Crayolas?


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