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Crayola Washable Markers

Updated on July 16, 2011

Crayola Classic Washable Broad Art Markers

Crayola washable markers are ideal for kids who like to draw on themselves or they just happen to get drawn on by other kids. I bought a few packs of these for my kids this summer, just in case we got the odd rainy day and they could spend their time doing some drawing or coloring in their coloring books. Of course I bought some packs for myself, because I didn't want to leave myself out of the drawing fun.

My daughter is the worst for getting pen ink all over her hands and her arms and legs, but with a soft cloth and a bit of water the marker stains come off easy, even when dry and that's the selling point of these marker pens and Crayola knew what they were doing when they created these for kids art markers.

I bought the 8 marker packs, because at my local supermarket they was selling back to school stuff at the time and this was the first week of the summer holidays (I guess we all want our kids to go back to school soon!!lol!) and you can buy 2 packs for £2 which was a bargain and so with me never wanting to pass up a bargain of some cheap art products I bought 8 packs.

The markers themselves are fat marker pens and ideal for kids to grip even if they use the fist grip that many nursery age children adopt, it still is a top art marker for kids to use and it washes out of clothes too.

When I've researched these pens online I have found out that most people who buy them find these Crayola art markers ideal for kids of all ages, from pre-school nursery to junior (primary) school and the very idea that these are actual washable markers that actually do wash out of clothes and the faces of young kids is the best feature. Of course on the walls of your house on nice expensive wallpaper may be another matter, as I know all too well, if it's the absorbent kind of wall paper, you'll have no chance of getting it out, so do be careful.(However a nice lick of paint be an option!)

The colors of nearly all Crayola products are vibrant and with the cheap cost of art marker packs they really do the job of some great drawing and coloring in work and that's what my kids enjoy and they get better at coloring, my son gets his coloring in the lines now of the pre-drawn coloring pages and my daughter is beginning to get there, it's fun for them with Crayola Markers.

Crayola Washable Markers

Crayola Washable Art Markers for kids and adults who like to color.
Crayola Washable Art Markers for kids and adults who like to color.

Crayola Washable Art Markers

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    • Garrard profile image

      Garrard 5 years ago from health

      I need one of these hahahahah

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      sunforged 7 years ago from

      grow a 2 -