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D I Y Framing for your special artworks - an easy how to on framing to save you $$$.

Updated on January 16, 2016

Framing, when done well looks fabulous and can really enhance whatever it contains. On the other hand poor framing can look cheap, tacky and devalue the look of your art etc. So whether your displaying your own art work, creating a gift or are just inspired to have a go at framing below is a easy how to on framing that will look professional, stop your picture from sliding crookedly and save you dollars.

Do it yourself Framing


  • Pre-purchased wooden or plastic frame (so the screws will screw in)
  • Mattboard (preferably bought with the frame, or have it cut to fit)
  • Magic (invisible tape), Non-acidic
  • Brown gummed paper and a small pot of warer orframing tape (available from framers)
  • 2 x D hooks (NOT the round screw in types)
  • 2 screws for the 'D' hooks
  • Foam core/foam board (3mm or 5 mm depending on the recess in your frame)
  • Screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Standley or Exacto knife
  • Wire or hanging cord
  • Velcro tape or dots (soft female side)
  • Soft cleaning cloth
  • Ruler
  • Paper towel of cloths for cleaning up


  • Craft glue
  • Staples
  • Masking tape
  • Shoe polish or beeswax for polishing/repairing frames

1) Dismantle the frame and use the backboard to cut the foam board so it fits perfectly.

2) Rest the frame on an old towel to protect it.

3) Clean the glass scrupulously and insert into the frame.

4) Mount the picture onto the matt board with magic tape only at the top.

a) For single objects (eg flowers) edges of the painting are equidistant from the sides,

b) Top edge is wider than bottom edge.

5) Insert into the frame

6) Check for dust flecks in the frame

7) Secure with the tabs on the frame (or staples and/or masking tape)

8) Cut the brown gummed paper larger than you need.

9) Wet the paper and position it.

a) Overlap foam board and the frame to create a dust seal

b) Start with side edges, then top and bottom

c) Cut it to size and smooth into place

d) If it lifts from the frame when dry, glue it into place.

10) Measure the ‘D’ hook position down about ¼ - 1/3 from the top but no greater than 10cm.

a) Screw in the ‘D’ hooks leaving a little bit of play for self- adjustment when hung.

11) Either wire or cord the ‘D’ hooks

12) Place the Velcro on the bottom corners.

13) Polish the frame


1) One hook can be used

2) For 2 hooks – measure the distance between the ‘D’ hooks with masking tape. Adhere masking tape to the wall using a spirit level to ensure it is horizontal. Attach the hanging hooks to the masking tape. Remove tape and hang picture.

3) Where hanging more than 1 painting, the centre of the paintings should line up – NOT the tops or bottoms.


Your frames should all look professional and do nothing but enhance your superb artwork in it. Don't stop at framing one piece, you can give this professional look to everything. Be one ahead of the rest and really spruce up those pictures to a divine standard, not just average. Check out this link for my hub on presentation and framing to a gallery accepted level.

Some great online art supply directories are: (I am in no way affiliated with or receive any type of payment from these companies)

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D I Y Framing - an easy how to on framing to save you $$$

If you enjoyed my hub please check out my other hubs, comment, share and email the link to friends and checkout the items printed in blue for my recommendations and links.

© 2013 Frangipanni


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