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Where To Buy A Drawing Board

Updated on March 10, 2014

An Artists Essential Drawing Equipment

Drawing boards are a great piece of kit for the artist in any field, whether you are a graphic designer or a cartoonist, a drawing board comes in really handy and at it's most usefulness when you make that decision to buy one.

A drawing board is an investment for the artist as they may spend many hours drawing on it and they are ideal for all types of drawing and most good quality drawing boards are adjustable to fit any height whether you are taller or slightly shorter, it doesn't matter, additionally drawing boards may come with a ruler line which sits across the boards surface which you can set at any level on the drawing surface and this could function as a resting tool for your hand whilst drawing or it could aid in the drawing process with straight line drawing.

There are many different types of drawing board and some suit different purposes, whilst others suit many drawing uses, you can buy quality drawingboards on Amazon or even better on Ebay, just make sure you buy what is described in detail on each site.

Check out the Amazon link for the drawing board below and browse the selection of drawing boards....

Drawing Boards

Buy A Drawing Board.    Image taken from copyright 2010.
Buy A Drawing Board. Image taken from copyright 2010.

Buy Drawing boards

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    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      I did that for awhile and then suddenly decide that I needed a better way of working and then when I got it I hardly used it...oh well!

    • cavetroll profile image

      cavetroll 7 years ago

      This is great! I've been having to improvise with whatever I could find to make a portable drawing surface. I didn't think they'd be that affordable. Thank you!

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Yeah I've got an A1 size drawing board that in all honesty I hardly ever use, except for some minor draft work, but they are very useful when I do use them as I'm able to see a large white space and just fill it with a nice light source with my halogen lamp hanging over it...might start using mine more often as it may help me draw more, because the past few weeks I've been zapped by the unmotivator the unseen force that zaps the energy....

    • robertsloan2 profile image

      robertsloan2 7 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      Excellent! I have two, one 16" or so and one about 28" or something, it's really big. I use the smaller one more often. Eventually I want to get a parallel edge board, but the one I want is pretty expensive.

      On the other hand if my script from Script Frenzy comes out good, I may really want that in May. Thanks for an article that reminded me of it -- might go take a look at that again and look at my May budget seriously.