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Fancy business card vs plain business card

Updated on February 1, 2015

Which is more effective, a fancy or plain business card?

Each type of contact card has its own advantages and benefits as well as with its disadvantages. This post aims to discuss both type business card classification.

What are premium business cards? What are the advantages of fancy business cards? What are the cons of a plain contact card? How different is a simple business from a fancy one? Does a premium business card equate to a fancy business card? Some may have noticed it, others may not, but when it comes to marketing and promotion, choosing between a fancy or plain business card can be quite troublesome.

If you are one such person and if you are searching for answers to these questions, then search no more as the contents discussed here will

  • Define what is a premium business card
  • Differentiate simple business cards from fancy ones
  • List the pros and cons for both type of business cards
  • Showcase the importance of business cards

Classification of Premium Business Cards

Some people are seemingly confused on what is the exact definition of a premium business card. First off, a premium business card is similar to any business card – it has the same purpose and function. The purpose of any business card (simple, premium, fancy, traditional, etc…) is to convey the information of a company or individual printed on the card.

Premium business cards can be classified as high quality business cards or fancy business cards. Such card may have:

  • Visual striking design
  • Colourful background
  • Letterpress printed
  • Not bounded by traditional shape – custom shapes can be circular, triangular, 3D
  • Been designed, conceptualized, and manufactured by professionals

As can be noticed, what makes a premium business card is its style, design, material used, and shape – to some extent. Aside from the main purpose of conveying information, premium business cards are used to captivate the recipient’s interest and ensure that the given card will be kept and filed.

Fancy business cards or Plain business cards --- You Decide
Fancy business cards or Plain business cards --- You Decide

Pros and Cons of Fancy Business Cards

There are numerous advantages and benefits fancy business cards can provide. Depending on the material used, kind of print, and graphic design, the person who received the card would normally want to take a closer look and keep the card.

Hence, the individual or company represented by the fancy contact card has not only attained the objective of sharing their information but may also have the benefit of being kept for future reference.

Business cards also portray an organization’s or individual’s professionalism. An exquisitely prepared business card may accomplish. A high quality business card would surely grab the attention of its recipient and if the card really made a big impact, they might ask for more copies to share with their friends or colleagues.

As to cost, it would be normal to assume that high quality business cards would be a bit pricey than a plain one. Does this constitute to a disadvantage? In a way, it could be. However, it would be important to note that fancy business cards are not that expensive though the price may be higher than a simple business card.

Confusing? Not really, as business card printing or designing is a huge industry. Market competition is quite stiff so it only follows that some printing or design companies may offer cheaper packages or services. The industry has also been revolutionized by advancement in digital and printing technology – designing and printing business cards using state of the art technology will result to faster output at a seemingly low cost.

Another apparent disadvantage of fancy business cards are overdoing the design or making use of heavy graphics. Remember, that the whole purpose of the card is to convey the sales message of you or the company – lavishly designing the card may water this down.

Fancy business cards would be advisable to web design companies, or any company / individual that deals with technology and design. For the other industries (teachers, dentists, doctors, and the like), it would be recommendable to go easy on the design and focus mainly on the lettering, background color, and materials to be printed on.

Pros and Cons of Simple and Plain Business Cards

Being too simple that it fails to grab the attention of the receiver is the main disadvantage of plain business cards. Recipients of such cards would normally accept the card as a sign of politeness, however, what comes next is the critical factor. A person who received a non-inspiring business card would not bother remembering where to place the particular card – it could be on their wallet, desk, used as a bookmark, scratch, etc…

However, just like its premium counterpart, simple and plain business cards have innumerable advantages when executed correctly.

First off, the main benefit of having a simple business card is cost. Needless to say, a business card that only has the name, phone number, and email address printed using black ink on white background would not be pegged at a high price.

Simple cards are also easy to design and conceptualize. Some clients already have a design in mind and would only need to implement the finishing touches. This makes it easier for both client and design company to discuss the intended outcome of the card.

Being simple or plain doesn’t necessarily follow that it lacks graphics and is un-captivating. Simply put, clients who ordered simple business cards prefer that their card goes easy on the design as to not overshadow their intended promotional message. Normally, these clients are doctors, med reps, engineers, etc…

Simple business cards are excellent marketing tools when designed correctly using reliable design solution services.


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    • writerjj profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Hi Peachpurple,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Highly appreciated :)

    • peachpurple profile image


      8 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i prefer fancy business cards, unique and a standout that clients could vividly remember. Wonderful hub


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