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Top 5 Business Card Innovations

Updated on February 1, 2015
Business card innovations
Business card innovations

Business card innovations of the last 25 years

Business card innovation for the last 25 years can be clearly seen from its design and appearance. This post will try to explain and detail the top 5 business card innovations for the last 25 years. So if you are looking for business card innovations, great business card ideas, types of business card materials, etc…, read on.

Great Business Card Ideas and Modern Tech

For any type of business and industry, business cards are extremely important. For those who disagree and assume that business cards are simply calling cards that shares contact information, they are greatly mistaken.

There are many benefits stock printed business card (traditional business card) has. For one thing, business cards are the first impression and can be the factor in determining a sale or a break – it is the first line of marketing tool. A client who receives a business card and is greatly impressed with the card will normally keep it. On the other hand, ordinary and un-captivating contact cards usually found its way to the trash.

Business cards have a huge advantage especially if they are inspiring and attention retaining. Inspiring business cards are not that hard to design – especially with the present technology. Advancement in computer software technology greatly improves conceptualization and design, while evolution of computer hardware makes business card printing easier and faster.

Anyone can have an idea for their business card, but to make it “a great business card idea”, utilization of certain factors is a must. The business card industry of printing and designing has seen a lot of improvements for the past few years.

Modern and great business card ideas can be a product of many factors, but most of these can be categorized in the list below:

  • Type of material
  • Lettering design
  • Color combination
  • Custom innovative shape
  • Graphic design

Type of Material

Nowadays, business cards are no longer limited to card stocks. For those who are not aware, traditional business cards are printed on card stocks – a type of paper that is more durable than normal writing or printing paper.

Innovative and great business card ideas ventures far beyond card stocks and may be printed on any attention grabbing or special materials. Some examples are listed below:

  • Edible materials –

Though not long lasting, it will certainly capture the attention of the recipient. This type is most suitable as gifts during the holidays and would be a great conversation starter for months after. Restaurants and bakeries are the usual clients of this type of business cards.

  • Transparent materials
  • Laminated cards
  • Glossy paper
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Anything useful where branding is possible – mugs, coasters, etc…
  • Rubberized materials
  • CDs
  • Plastic (PVC) – white, metallic, or crystal clear

Lettering Design

Lettering design in this context refers to typography or to the fonts used on the card. Traditionally, the same font is used for all the letters. However, innovative business card ideas may include mixing up different font types and sizes. Utilize one that grab attention and rarely used but still readable. Also, be sure that the fonts of the company name matches with that of the card. It is also important to remember that what appears on the computer screen may vary with the actual output. Before implementing the typography on the actual card material, test it first with a normal paper.

For a more elegant and stylish effect, letterpress printed business cards are commonly used. Combine this with a high quality paper and carefully chosen graphic elements for an outstanding business card.

When using fancy or larger fonts, take into consideration that it has to accommodate all the important information that must be placed on the card – name, phone number, email address, office address, website address, company logo, etc…

Color Combination

Unique color blending always impresses people. Great business card ideas may include impressively colored cards that people can associate with you or your business. Make sure to compliment the company logo and font color with that of the business card.

Custom Innovative Shape

A great business card idea is customizing the shape of the business card. Though the rectangular shape is still the most popularly used, some innovative business cards might be circular, triangular, even 3D.

Viewing the business card is also taken into consideration. Some organizations prefer that their business cards are better viewed vertically than the traditional horizontal position.

Examples of customized business card shape are folded business cards. Such contact cards will reveal more information when expanded. Others business cards are also double sided – using both sides of the card.

Graphic Design

Business card designing has never been easier with numerous design software that are readily available. Aside from the design software, numerous business card templates are flooding the internet.

The important thing about graphic design is not to overdo it. Remember that the business card only needs to portray the important things to be remembered about you or the company. Putting all the information on such a small card is impossible, not to mention, disadvantageous.

Use simple yet effective graphics – heavy graphics can only do so much and only advantageous to some cases in some degree. Exaggerated graphics may take the attention away from the main selling point of the card. Always remember that the main purpose of a business card is for the recipient to know and remember what you or the company is all about.

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