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The Worst Thing About Business Card Templates

Updated on August 6, 2012

What not to put on business card templates

The seemingly WORST thing about business card templates is that numerous business card designs are flooding the internet. Online business card templates are readily available that you only need to search “business card design” on any search engine, and tens of thousands of result will come out. Some may say that this is a good thing. Technology has indeed revolutionized the business card designing industry – Or is it?

Sure there are some benefits online business card templates have. The main advantage of online business card designs is accessibility. Any individual or organization who wanted to promote their business and share their information through a business card can simply go online and search for an appropriate design.

Another seemingly advantage of business card designs from the internet is cost. Needless to say, doing your own research and implementing your information with the online business card design is relatively inexpensive. Lastly, using online business card templates apparently saves time and effort. No need to get the approval of others especially if you are an individual who wanted to showcase your skills through the card.

Techonology's disadvantage to business card design

Just like anything else with technology and internet, every advantage that it can offer has a seemingly corresponding drawback – this is especially true when using online business card templates.

First off is availability. Since the business card design is available on the web it is highly possible that it has also been used by other users. Hence, your business card design will lose its unique factor. Remember that business card represents you or your business so first impressions are extremely important. If the recipient of your card saw a generic and common card, they might think that your services are similar to the other hundreds.

People who think that they are able to save time and effort by personally searching and using online business card designs are greatly mistaken. If there are thousands of business card templates available on the internet, then choosing a suitable one would be quite difficult and tedious. Obviously, they would have to test out each design that they like – this means incorporating their contact information on each one and when it is not appropriate, they would try it on the next one.

Moving on with business card template desgin tips

End design is also another disadvantage when using online business card designs. It is safe to assume that people who will use online business card templates are inexperience. These are those who think that they can do the business card themselves. Unfortunately, designing business cards are not that simple – one has to have an eye for detail, it requires imaginary skills, color balancing, correct typography, etc…

Using online business card designs means using only the template without any suggestions on the material that matches with it. Using the material on where the business card will be printed is equally important. Design experts know that traditional stock cards are now rarely used on business cards. Innovative business cards may now be printed on laminated cards, glossy papers, edible materials, wood, metal, etc… Nowadays, business cards may also be used as promotional materials or useful gifts like coasters, mugs, fans, etc…

It is also important to note that online business card designs may look differently when printed. Remember what you see in the computer screen may differ to the actual card especially when printed on a different kind of paper.

Finally, when using online business card templates, cost is not always an advantage. In most cases, it is quite the opposite. The business card design industry has seen an enormous growth in the past few years due to proper utilization of digital and computer technology. Competition between card design companies is quite strict that some offer inexpensive services while others provide better packages. In the long run, employing the services of business card design experts are cheaper as the design is already in the possession of the company which makes it easier for simple changes in the design and for reprinting.

The Verdict on business card design and templates

Ever encountered a scenario wherein the business card that you shared was placed in the recipient’s wallet or pocket? How about receiving a card that you simply glanced at it? In these two different situations, the common thing is a generic or un-captivating business card failing to impress the recipient. The business card did not fulfil its main purpose of sharing the information portrayed on the card. This usually follows losing the client to a competition.

Online business card designs are great to be used as reference or samples. However, these are generic templates recycled and possibly used by anyone who viewed it. When it comes to showcasing you or your company’s professionalism and influencing the decision and thoughts of a client, it would be better to go with the experts.

Business card design companies exist to assist you with your business card designing and printing needs. Remember to discuss their package and what the company has to offer. If you already have an initial design in mind, don’t forget to bring this up as for sure, they can utilize it to make an awesome final product.

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    • profile image

      EnlightenedReader 5 years ago

      wow, amazing info. Its like discovering a new world about business cards. Great work!

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 5 years ago

      Thanks for looking and for the compliments =)

    • frogyfish profile image

      frogyfish 5 years ago from Central United States of America

      You have given some good tips in doing online cards or not. I have done the 'box store' make your own type and had some fun with that. Yeah, fun, but mistakes too...Thanks for an informative share.