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Wood Wick Candles

Updated on January 10, 2010

Nothing adds quaint charm to a home like a high quality candle. Wood Wick candles use only the best natural ingredients in their candle line to produce fresh smells that permeate your home. The enticing fragrances include gentle lavender, zesty oranges, and delectable mulled berries. When lit, the fragrances are just right and never too potent. Only natural components are mixed with the candle wax, never any harsh artificial ingredients. But that’s only part of what makes a Woodwick candle great. Inside each and every candle is a special flat wick made of natural wood. When lit, you will hear the soothing sound of a crackling fire. Combined with their amazing line of scents, this gentle cracking effect adds depth to any room. They come in several sizes, with the smallest one burning over 40 hours! Let’s take a closer look at the candles offered by Wood Wick.

Unique Quality

Woodwick candles are different from your average candle because of their namesake natural wood wick. Instead of a woven string, this wick consists of a flat piece of wood that runs down to the bottom of the glass jar. As the wood burns, it releases subtle popping and crackling sounds just like a real fire. Placing the candle next to you in a quiet room while you eat or read is a great way to relax. The sweet aromas fill the room and radiate as the wick burns. Each Wood Wick candle comes in a special hourglass shaped jar that is designed to stop wax from sticking as it melts. You’ll notice that the wax forms an even puddle which is evenly distributed over the surface, forming a clean burn.


The wooden wick is quite safe to use and allows more fragrance to be released into the air. You may think that the larger wick would result in a shorter lifespan, but these candles can last an exceptionally long time. There are several jar sizes to choose from, with each size including their full line of fragrances. The smallest size comes with 3.4 ounces of wax and can burn for around 40 hours. This cute sized candle can be burned in a casual environment but would go great in a bathroom or bedroom. The 4 inch tall jar would go great as a gift, too. Everyone loves to receive a Wood Wick candle as a gift.

The next size up is the 10 oz jar. This size looks great in kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms. The larger sizes allows the fragrance to permeate larger sized rooms. This jar is 4.5 inches tall and can burn for around 100 hours. As with all Woodwick candles, this one features the iconic hourglass design. On the larger end lies the 22 oz jar. This one can burn for over an extraordinary 220 hours. This large candle can distribute fragrance throughout the largest of rooms. In just a few minutes, this candle can fill up a room with your favorite fragrance. The soft glow of the candle in a dimly lit room brings a sense of peace that just can’t be beat.


Even the pickiest of people will be able to find a scent they like in the Woodwick candle line. Their fragrance line ranges from contemporary to exotic, and includes many festive holiday scents for the changing seasons. For people that love the experience of the wooden wick but don’t necessarily want a fragrance to go along with it, they also offer a scentless version. The scentless candle lets you listen to the crackle and popping of the wick but does not release any smell. Natural ingredients come together to form delicious smells like lemon chiffon, nectarine, orange grove and iced pomegranate. Here is a small list of only some of the many scents they offer:

Aloe, Ambrosia, Biscotti, Caramel, Cashmere, Cotton Flower, Cucumber, Currant, Evergreen, Fireside, Hydrangea, Iced Pomegranate, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon Chiffon, Lemon Sage, Linen, Meadow, Melon, Mojito, Mulled Berries, Nectarine, Noel, and Orange Grove.


Each tantalizing scent smells just like the real thing. The ripe sweetness of summer strawberries can be experienced with their Strawberry Slices candle. You can practically feel the breeze of cool aloe and a wildflower bouquet with their Water Lily scent. Also, each and every candle comes with their iconic wooden lid to hold in the scent when not in use. When shopping for a candle for you or someone else, you really can’t go wrong with a Woodwick. Once you pick one up, you’ll know right away that it was made with care and quality. They smell so good, you’ll probably want one for every room!


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    • oceansnsunsets profile image


      8 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Thank you for sharing this hub with us, I love Wood wick candles. They are becoming my favorite, just about, for all the reasons you mentioned. So my experience matches what you said.


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