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Bookcase Headboard Styles Online

Updated on March 15, 2011

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A bookcase headboard is a stylish storage solution for the head of your bed. If you love to read in your bed and want to keep a small book collection close at hand, a bookcase headboard does all this and more. Most commonly made out of wood, these headboards sit against the wall at the head of your bed. They feature multiple shelves to place items on such as your books, reading light, radio, knick knacks, and more. These handy shelves eliminate the need to place your things awkwardly on a nightstand where they could get knocked over while turning on a lamp or silencing an alarm clock. To learn more about the styles and design options available, read on.

These headboards ship unassembled and will need to be put together on site. Just a few simple tools like a hex wrench, hammer, and glue are needed for assembly. Once assembled, the headboard attached with bolts to your existing bed frame. Attachment to the bed frame is recommended but not necessary.  If you buy a complete bet set, you can often find a matching headboard and frame in the same color and style. At least one shelf will feature a small access hole for a radio or lamp cord to fit through. It is not recommended that you store food and drinks on wooden headboards, as liquids can easily stain the wood.


Country style headboards feature exquisite molding along the inner edges of the shelving. This style adds an exquisite flair to a child’s or couple’s room while providing functionality. A rich wooden finish on wood species like pine or oak maintains a casual country flavor that looks great in just about any room. Soft toned wood stain reflects the subtle atmosphere that is common among country style furniture.

Modern bookcase headboards often feature more squared-off corners and darker, bold colors. The modern look is popular among teens and kids. Subtle curves and sharp angles make for a very refined design. This design is often made out of wood particle board covered with a smooth veneer. In addition to shelving, some models feature a long shelf on top with a retainer bar to keep stuff from falling off.

Other styles include headboards that are specific to a particular age group tailored to girls and boys. A full bookcase headboard is the most common variety used in teen’s rooms, next to the twin size. Headboards that feature elaborate glass cabinets and expensive wood species are more suitable for a couple’s room. Many bookcase headboards do not fall under a particular category and are designed to target a very specific taste.

Shelving Options

When making a purchase, consider how you intend to use your headboard. Manufacturers will often give the measurements of the shelves, which is important in determining if your books will fit. If the shelves are not tall enough, the books can be stacked on top of each other. Keep in mind that there is a weight limit which must be adhered to so that damage is avoided. As mentioned earlier, it is not recommended to place food or drinks on the headboard without making use of a coaster or waterproof mat.

Small lamps can be placed on the headboard for quick access. Using the electrical cord hole located in the back, you can feed the wire to the wall outlet behind the bed. This makes it a lot easier to reach for the light in the dark. Overhead lighting works well for reading in bed. If your partner finds this lighting disturbing, consider using two lights or a rotating spotlight. A queen bookcase headboard and larger can provide enough space in between you to make the light unobtrusive.

Product Highlights

This pine twin headboard with bookcase stands out as a simplistic yet bold piece of furniture. Designed for use with a twin bed, this headboard has one wide bookshelf divided into three sections. Decorative molding borders the top with a notched design. Items can be placed on the top shelf in addition to the bookshelf. It measures 40 inches high, 40 inches wide and 10 inches in depth.

The Espresso headboard bookcase makes a bold statement with its rich black finish and eye popping slant design. With eight storage compartments, you’ll have no trouble finding room for your book collection. It fits both a full and queen sized bed frame and is 55 inches high to take advantage of previously unused space in your room. The rich Espresso finish is achieved through the use of quality laminate overlay that is made to last.

This headboard for queen and full sized beds comes in an elegant white finish and features a large bookshelf divided into three sections. The storage space is just right for things like books, magazines, collectibles, TV remotes, and other useful items. The central compartment has an adjustable shelf that can accommodate items of different sizes and shapes. Featuring easy assembly, you’ll have it up in no time flat.


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