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Freelance Photography: How to Start

Updated on May 10, 2011

What is the first thing you would like to photograph when you think of photography? Many people will answer that question differently because each one has a unique story to tell or things that they believe are pleasing to their own eyes. But, what if you could take your hobby of photography and make it into a pleasing trip around the world for someone that does not even have to leave there living room. It’s a hobby to many that can become quite expensive if you let it but, with the memories and photographs you take it can become a lifetime of memories.


Everyone loves to have their memories captured at just the right moment. If you’re a parent you remember going out to grab that camera as soon as you saw your child’s first smile or first step. Or you always seem to carry your camera everywhere to sporting events to the park when you go on that nature hike. People keep an eye out for that perfect photograph that they will keep in the heart forever no matter what they are taking a photograph of.

1.      What is Freelance Photography?

What if you could take that love of looking through that small lens and make it into a career. Too actually get paid for taking photographs of things that you love. It gives you a new sense of freedom to work for yourself selling photographs or series of photographs of different objects, people or celebrations. Being your own boss takes time dedication and enthusiasm through the ups and downs but worth it while you are doing something you love.

2.      How to Build a Portfolio

To start as a freelance photographer you need something called a portfolio. It is basically a collection of your best work. Each one is labeled and identified on location, time, camera settings, and other essential information about the photograph. Even if you have never had photographs publicly published or displayed you can add your best work out there for the world to see using many types of modern communication devices. Getting your work in front of people is important and the best way is to customize your portfolio with your best work.

3.       How to Get Jobs

As i have stated previously first step is your portfolio and getting it in front of people. When it comes down to the technicalities of it, it is going to be the quality of your work that will get you the paying jobs you are looking for. Some people have a very natural talent for taking photographs while others have to work at it but it is a skill that can be learned with the right education. There are schools that are dedicated to the art of photographs and the beauty in which the photographer sees through there lens.

If you are interested in getting involved with photography look into taking some classes in your area that will help show some of the secrets of the camera lens. Another good way to find that epic moment is to look at what is already out there. Find out what people think is fantastic or wonderful and study the dynamics of it. It provides you a basis to learn what people are looking for as well as the essentials of lighting background and other advanced options for clicking at just the right moment.

Whether you are doing this as a full time occupation or on the side there is nothing you can do but take hundreds of thousands of photographs. Then create a portfolio of your best and start submitting them to contest and magazines online. There is no instant success in anything and just like a real job you have to work to create perfection. So don’t expect the first few times to get anything but keep at it keep trying and those syndicates will come back. You will eventually get there with patience and practice.


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