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Ten Travel Photography Tips

Updated on May 29, 2012

There are some basic rules when taking photos of your travels around the world. If, you are searching to get the best pictures out of your camera and protect the equipment you have put so much time and money int. There are 10 golden rules of travel photography that you should follow.

The ten travel photography golden rules

Rule one. To be able to take the best travel photos on your trip you need to plan it. If, you are able to research your trip it will give you an idea of what exactly you want to shoot. Write these locations down and plan how to get to each one, what time of day, and how you want your pictures to look like from the location you are planning.

Rule two. Protect your equipment against loss and damage. When traveling overseas with all of your photographic equipment it is better to be protected against loss or damage. Protect your photographic equipment with a small insurance policy before you go. Provide the insurance company, with all needed paperwork and serial numbers for the equipment.

Rule three. Airport customs are another place where you want to protect yourself. When going through customs, they do not know if you purchased that camera before or during your trip. If, you do not have proof you bought the camera before your trip they may make you pay a duty tax on it. So call customs prior to your trip so that you have all the necessary paper work with you while traveling.

Rule four. When you are, overseas it is always a good idea o download your photos to a computer if you can or if you are using film have them put on a Cdrom. They can be sent to you via postal mail for an additional backup

Rule five. If, traveling overseas into countries where there is a strong Islamic belief in place. They do not normally allow the photograph of any Islamic woman. So, while in these countries or others familiarize yourself with local customs and respect them. Usually you can get any information you want on restriction by using the web as a resource.

Rule six. While taking your Camera shots make sure you are getting people, landscapes and closeup of things that are not normally seen every day. Pay close attention to your surroundings so if something really unique happens you are ready to take that once in a lifetime shot.

Rule seven. Make sure you limit the amount of lenses you bring to only 2 of them start by taking a 200 and 18 lense this will limit the amount of time you have to take off and on the lenses and will keep your CCD that much cleaner

Rule eight. When packing your camera back make sure you bring along the correct voltage adapter for the country you are visiting some countries use the 220 volts which will not work in your 120 charger

Rule nine. The early bird catches the worm is the old saying so to get the best shots without fighting the crowds make sure you are ready to go early. Ask the concierge at the hotel to get a taxi for you that knows the best areas to go. They usually know the best shots to get for tourist.

Rule ten. When taking your photos remember to always use your flash even in the daytime. Practice using it before you leave home. When you are out and about you can usually hire a local to take you to some of the really off track spots to take photographs. There you will get the most amazing pictures for your adventures.


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  • travel-O-grapher profile image

    travel-O-grapher 5 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Some pretty good tips in there mate! especially like the bit about researching ahead and also not taking more than 2 lenses.... its always better to travel as light as possible.. travelling with one lens which covers a wide range and carrying a 50 mm prime is all that's needed!

  • PegCole17 profile image

    Peg Cole 7 years ago from Dallas, Texas

    Well written, concise tips for the amateur and professional photographer. I liked Rule 10 about leaving the flash on in the daytime. I had no idea this would be the case, but will try it out. Thank you so much. Beautiful photos here!

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

    I have never had expensive cameras and right now I am loving my new (inexpensive) Panasonic DMC-FS15 digital camera. As the video above said...shoot, shoot and then take even more pictures. Some of them come out right! Ha! Your points are well taken with regard to travel and taking photos. Thanks!