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How to Make a Tree Invitation

Updated on January 4, 2013
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As a teacher at all levels and mother of five children, Bronwen has been interested in a variety of crafts for both children and adults.

Kids Party Invitation

A tree-trimming party can be such fun for children and just as much fun for the adults who are supervising, helping or watching and enjoying the event.

A good Christmas crafts session with your children can produce great handmade cards that can be used for invitations, although, depending on their age and ability, they may need supervision and assistance, especially when they are using scissors and a needle. This is just one of the handmade card ideas that may help to trigger other ideas for you so that you can create truly personal party invitations.

Rule Half the Card into Thirds
Rule Half the Card into Thirds | Source

What You Will Need

The list is fairly simple, but the actual making of the kids party invitations will need careful supervision if the children are to participate as scissors and needles are part of the tools to be used. I bought my cards at Spotlight. They were squares of Kaisercard and the colour was 'forest', but most kinds of green card would be suitable for this project.

  • Green card
  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • A pair of scissors
  • A large, pointed needle (a darning needle would be good)
  • A sticker sheet of different sized stars, mostly small
  • A fine felt-tipped pen

Cut Out the Silhouette Shape
Cut Out the Silhouette Shape | Source


For one type of kids party invitation follow the instructions below. These are given for a card that is twelve inches by twelve inches. If your card is a different size, you can apply the same handmade card ideas, perhaps by folding your card in half, cutting along the line and then dividing each of the halves into three pieces.

  • Fold the card in half (If it is 12" X 12").
  • Cut it along the folded line.
  • Mark 4" and 8" across the card.
  • Rule the two lines down the card.
  • Place the two halves one over the other and cut through both.

Now you have six invitation cards. Take the cards one at a time.

  • Fold lengthwise.
  • With the pencil draw the outline of half a Christmas tree, leaving a small trunk and a pot to hold it in at the bottom.
  • When you are satisfied with the shape, cut it out.
  • Open up the half tree and you will have a full tree.

Punch the Tiny Holes
Punch the Tiny Holes | Source

Writing the Message

Keep the message on your party invitation as brief and simple as possible.

  • Write the invitation very lightly in pencil on the tree.

Remember to give the following:

  • The type of party,
  • The address,
  • The time and the date when the party will be held.

Now follow these soft outlines carefully, pricking out each letter with the pointed needle. This requires concentration and this part may be too difficult for small children. It also requires supervision so that the child does not prick herself and become frustrated so that it is no longer a fun activity.

Decorate the Tree with Mini Sticker Stars
Decorate the Tree with Mini Sticker Stars | Source

Decorate the Tree

Using the tiny gold star stickers, decorate the tree. Even the smaller children can join in this part of the project, although they will need to take care and not stick them over the top of the writing pin-holes. If this occurs the light will not shine through.

Hold it Up to the Light to Read the Invitation

Hold your finished work up to the light to read the invitation. Now you have a Christmas Tree with lights for an invitation. Brilliant!

Making all the pinpricks can be a little tedious, but it is worth it in the end as it is such a fun activity and fun for the recipients of the invitations, too.

Hold up to the Light
Hold up to the Light | Source

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