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Keira Rathbone, Painting With a Typewriter

Updated on March 26, 2012

Welcome back to the world of unique things. I am glad to show to all of you that the world so colorful. I thought we have many question related with something unique, Why this could be happen? Oh my God, everything happened naturally without manipulation. I thought my friend hubbers know very well about my biggest interest in art. This time I’ll back with another talented person who dedicates herself in art. There’s no end if we talk about art. We give appreciation about the beauty, the history, even the reflection of art. For someone who likes art, I mean practitioners of the art always show this miracle as the reflection what they think about life. That’s why we can see hundreds of art styles out there.

Personally, I have written several hubs about art, and the most my hub told about painting, like: the beautiful of 3D painting, Kieron Williamson, The Young Picasso, The Most Expensive Art, Alyssa Monks, Photo in Painting, and my last hub told about Painting With Breast, An Original Ideas. The world looks so beautiful by the existence of art, right. But let’s back to the topic, I promise to you to show about another talented person in art. She is very special for me and she has great skill to demonstrated to us. I am talk again about the media. This made her so special, because she uses unique media. This is not a media for painting or drawing. She uses typewriter. As we know, we usually use pencil, crayons, oil paint, brushes or palette. But she is totally different, she use a media which we never thought before to use it for drawing or painting. I thought we all know the function of typewriter, as a media to type a letter not for drawing. Are you curious with her? Please continue to read…………

Her name is Keira Rathbone from Poole, Dorset, UK. She was graduated from The University of the West of England, Bristol. Actually she also uses common media in painting, like: pencil or oil paint. But her masterpiece is beautiful picture made from typewriter. That’s the difference between her and other artist. For me personally, this is a spectacular art work.

courtesy of
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The history she can made beautiful pictures using Silver Reed 100 typewriter. It was made in the 60's with cost 5 £. She got this typewriter from charity shop to make the essay. But she found her talent after six months using this tool. She admitted that the first picture of her is a simple eye. But she felt that her picture was too simple. There’s no character inside the first picture and she felt slow to make the eye picture. But she never give up, after practicing a lot, she can made another beautiful pictures. Wow…… this could be a good motivation for us who want to achieve something with hard work and never give up as the most important thing to do. Please enjoy the picture below

courtesy of
courtesy of

To make a painting, Keira could spend about 90 hours using only his right index finger to type the various characters. These all generally in the form of punctuation, like: comma, the connecting lines, slashes, parentheses, quotation marks. She also uses the combination of numbers and letters on a sheet of paper repeatedly even thousands of times. Again….it look difficult to repeat and repeat the same character to make a beautiful painting. But this make her art work so special.

She wants to share a secret for us how to make a buildings. Keira prefers to use quotation marks and dashes to make buildings and parentheses for a face. And then the other hands was used to move the paper. Of course, Keira definitely needed a break after drawing more than one hour. I know it must pain for us who don’t get accustomed to use our finger to type and for moving the paper. But she can do this very well.

courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
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We can see a lot of painting from her, like: the face images, buildings, forests, plant motifs. The face images of Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss even Mr.Obama. For the building she has made Bournemouth Pier which was very spectacular because Keira made this in detail and reportedly it sold 500 £. Recently, she held an exhibition at Grove Studios, Southbourne, Bournemouth. I believe there are many appreciation for her work. And this is totally amazing. But she looks pretty good to make a painting and it shown in the public. She really enjoy with her job. I should give two thumbs up for her. You can see the demonstration below.

I have to update this hub. I got special visit from Keira Rathbone. She give us a special comment. You can find between comments below. I give her my two thumbs up for her kindness to visit this hub. I can't say anything and I happy with this. I hope you all also felt what I am feeling.

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