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Happiness from Masterpiece to Masterpeace

Updated on November 25, 2014
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CrisSp is your Emergency Specialist at 37 thousand feet. Domestic Diva depending on the mood. Surely, wonderwoman consumed by wanderlust!

"We are made happy when reason can discover no occasion for it. The memory of the past moments is more persuasive than the experience of present ones."~Henry T.

They say, happiness is a state of mind. We try to map our ways to happiness, sometimes wait for inspirations and other ways to achieve it. You ponder, questions after questions. Sometimes, we fret, gaping need to stay still, trying to paint happiness freely and easily. How do you look for ways at achieving happiness or how do you deliver happiness?

This unique masterpiece was created to pave away sadness and emptiness due to life's tremendous drama. Finished on a canvas, this personal work of art gives me that great sense of pleasure- that joyful and glorious face. Life is short. Enjoy it and appreciate the joy of living!

A Family Masterpiece on Canvas~
A Family Masterpiece on Canvas~ | Source

Do you find happiness elusive?

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The Masterpiece is created!

Now hanging neatly on the wall,

To remind us of the love,

That rules in our house.

Life carries tremendous drama,

And when sadness and low spirit strikes,

I look at the family masterpiece,

And the sadness and emptiness shrinks.

And so to remember the good times,

I constantly look at the painted canvas,

Nothing compares to the magnitude of happiness,

Comfort and joy that the masterpiece brings.

Oh, how delightful it is to simply stare at it,

Bringing color and life to the plain white wall,

It resonates the children's laughter,

Those silly giggles and naïve look.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” ― Dalai Lama XIV

The family masterpiece is created to form peace,

And so it has become the masterpeace.

Flinching woes and troubles away,

For deep down inside, it’s a whirlwind of emotion.

Love and kindness, exaltation!

Have you achieved happiness yet?

Fill your heart and soul with happy thoughts now,

And happiness will come with a sense of relief.

The pursuit of happiness is sometimes elusive,

But when my eyes get dreary and I weep,

The masterpiece is there serving as a reprieve,

Aiding perpetual shades of gray to slowly fade away.

Life, after all is beautiful indeed with or without verses,

But we must learn to cast our burdens upon

And at times of unmerciful despair,

Create a masterpiece turn it into your masterpeace.

Happiness is driving downhill the village!
Happiness is driving downhill the village! | Source

Just like sipping a hot cup of tea these cold dreary days; my masterpiece gives me comfort and joy. Life is short. Enjoy it. Create your own Masterpiece and achieve your own Masterpeace!

Happiness always!

Sock Monkeys for Happiness
Sock Monkeys for Happiness | Source

Copyright@CrisSp~TM / 03-2012. "The heart of my soul speaks to the soul of my heart by writing." ~

© 2012 CrisSp


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