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Scrapbooking Layouts

Updated on July 4, 2011

Many love to make their own scrapbooks. This is because it allows them to express their creativity while organizing memorable photos and different items. Keep in mind that it is very important to have a good layout when creating your scrapbook. Good scrapbooking layouts are needed to house wonderful moments beautifully. Therefore, to find the best scrapbook layouts be sure to scour online resources. The internet offers great finds on scrapbook layouts.  

Here are some helpful tips for a perfect layout when making your own memorabilia:

·         Use a theme for the page you are working. This will make the entire page look cohesive. For example, you are working on some photos from your trip to Hawaii. You can work on a beach theme for the page. You can have an ocean blue color in the background, add some shells and paste sand at the bottom. You will surely be reminded of the fun you had in Hawaii every time you look at it.

Image by Alanna George
Image by Alanna George

·         Pick one focal item for the page. If you have too many items in one page, it will look cluttered. You will not be able to focus on one significant item because the page is overwhelming. In order to make the page count, choose one photo or item and develop a concept, so you can easily design around it.

·         Pick colors and designs that will look good on the scrap book. See to it that the colors you are going to use will go very well with the photo you picked. It is like designing a room, if the artwork you bought is not in cohesion with the rest of your interiors, it will not feel right.

·         Do not overdo the decorations. Remember that less is more. If you are going to add designs to the layout, make sure they will not take over the entire page. Scrapbooking layouts should be about your highlighting your most treasured memories and not the decorations.

Image by Alanna George
Image by Alanna George

Using Collage in Your Layouts

Strip Collage can be an effective technique to create a background that will draw together your theme and color scheme.

Choose a mixture of patterned and plain papers that enhance each other or reflect the theme of your page.  Tear the papers into strips of random widths making sure you have enough strips to allow for overlapping.  Using craft glue, stick the strips onto your backing paper.  Glue the overlapping edges of the strips so that they all lie flat.  Repeat until you have completely covered the background paper and allow to dry completely.

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  • jazzuboo profile image

    jazzuboo 8 years ago from Queensland, Australia

    I agree with the "less is more" principal. A clean layout looks so much better, and helps to let the focus remain on the subject rather than all the decorations.