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The Ella Moss Crochet Dress

Updated on April 6, 2011
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The KaylaCorsica Crochet Cami DressSahara Crochet Swimsuit and DressSedona Crochet Ruffle DressHollie Maxi Dress
The Kayla
The Kayla
Corsica Crochet Cami Dress
Corsica Crochet Cami Dress
Sahara Crochet Swimsuit and Dress
Sahara Crochet Swimsuit and Dress
Sedona Crochet Ruffle Dress
Sedona Crochet Ruffle Dress
Hollie Maxi Dress
Hollie Maxi Dress

A crochet dress can be worn all throughout the year. In warmer months it can be worn on its own with some basic accessories. In cooler months it can be warmed up with jeans, leggings or wool tights and a great jacket. While other types of dresses may quickly go out of style in a season or two, crochet dresses can be recycled again and again because of their classic look. So if you’re going to invest in a name brand crochet dress then you will want to choose one that will impress people for a long time to come. One popular choice is the Ella Moss Crochet Dress.

Who is Ella Moss?

Ella Moss is a fashion brand based in Los Angeles. It is popular in large part because there are numerous stylish celebrities who have been known to wear Ella Moss clothing. If you like the styles of Liv Tyler, Cameron Diaz and Gwenyth Paltrow then there is a good chance that you will like the clothing that is created by this line.

What Ella Moss is All About

Understanding what this fashion brand is all about makes it super clear why the Ella Moss crochet dress is the perfect choice. The brand is defined as:

o   Hip. Crochet is all over the runways right now so it makes sense that Ella Moss would include crochet in their hip line.

o   Quirky. Despite being popular there is still a little bit of quirkiness to the crochet dress. Crochet clothing celebrates the funky fun of the 1970’s without overdoing the cheekiness of it.

o   Fashionable. If celebrities are wearing it then it’s obviously a fashionable line. Lots of celebs have been spotted in crochet in the past few years so it goes hand in hand with the idea that this brand would make a great fashion-forward crochet dress.

More importantly, the line’s head fashionista Prtozel Scott has described the collection as “flowy femininity with the comfort level of a T-shirt”. I can’t think of a better description for crochet clothing. Crochet is definitely girly, especially in the form of a dress, but when it’s made well it is super comfortable and flows easily as you move.

The Ella Moss Crochet Dress

There is not just one single Ella Moss crochet dress. The line has produced several crochet dresses as well as several dresses that are embellished with crochet trim. This is good because it means that there is surely an Ella Moss crochet dress designed just for you!

Some of the most popular options include:

o   The Kayla. What women love about this Ella Moss crochet dress is that it is a simple dress that looks really great on almost any body type. It is a really drapey dress that is elegant while still being casual. The crochet shows up in a detail on the back of the dress. It’s beautiful, classic and seems like it could never go out of style!

o   Hollie Maxi Dress. This dress is a simple cotton dress in black. It is a maxi dress so it has the potential to be either casual or dressy depending on how you accessorize it. The back of the dress is a racerback that is done in detailed crochet. The racerback shape provides a pop of fun while the crochet details add sophistication to the design. The crochet extends around to the front right around the neckline. It’s a beautiful choice for an Ella Moss crochet dress. And it’s a popular choice with the celebrities; Angelina Jolie has been spotted in this one!

o   Sedona Crochet Ruffle Dress. This is my personal favorite Ella Moss crochet dress. You know when you see a celebrity wearing a dress that seems like it could be described as simple and yet you know that it’s expensive and well-made? That’s how I feel about this dress. It’s a white ruffle dress with a cute keyhole back that just kinds of hangs comfortably but beautifully on the body. The dress is crochet throughout but of course has a slip underneath to keep it modest.

o   Corsica Crochet Cami Dress. This Ella Moss crochet dress is mouthwatering. It has a tie front that provides great shaping for the body. Below that flows detailed beautiful crochet work that hangs all the way down to the floor. It’s a simple silhouette and yet the details of the crochet make it a piece that really stands out. The navy color is a great choice for this Ella Moss crochet dress!

o   Sahara Crochet Swimsuit and Dress. A great choice for someone who wants a summery Ella Moss crochet dress is the swimsuit with a crochet dress coverup. The openwork design of the crochet is totally appropriate since you’re wearing it over a swimsuit at the beach. In fact, this is a terrific way to cover up while still having the opportunity to show off your swimsuit!

Buying the Ella Moss Crochet Dress

Ella Moss is sold through major stores including Nordstrom, Barneys and Fred Segal. If you want to buy an Ella Moss crochet dress new then you’ll need to get it from one of those stores. Admittedly you will pay a pretty penny for this piece but it will last you a long time so it may be a good wardrobe investment. That said, you can typically find the Ella Moss crochet dress secondhand online through sites like eBay or in some of the better secondhand stores particularly the ones in the LA area.


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  • Sun-Girl profile image

    Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria

    Nicely written and well packaged hub with wonderful pic.

  • shyonegb profile image

    shyonegb 6 years ago from Australia

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • profile image

    Debbi 6 years ago

    Love the navy dress! Oh, to be young and slim again...

  • smartcharle1520 profile image

    smartcharle1520 6 years ago