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Canon EOS 60D Camera

Updated on June 20, 2014

Canon EOS 60D Review

The Canon EOS 60D camera is just one of several that this particular manufacturer currently have available on the market, but when you are looking at buying a new digital camera there will always be several areas that you need to look at in order to decide if this really is the model for you. What follows are not only the specifications of this particular model, but also some of the positives, and negatives, associated with it in order to help you decide if this is something that you should spend your hard earned cash on.

canon eos 60d
canon eos 60d

EOS 60D Specifications

Perhaps the first thing to know about this model is that it does come with 18.2MP and this puts it right up there with the very best digital cameras currently on the market. It also comes with a CMOS sensor along with a DIGIC 4 imaging processor and if you are interested in the ISO sensitivity readings, then they are between 100 - 6400 with the expandable ratings going up to 12800. What this means is you get sharper images at lower light levels and the camera helps to really boost the colors to stop things from just looking quite faded.

It is possible to shoot some video with the camera and this can be done in 1080p HD and capable of doing 25 frames a second and letting you take some amazing images. When it comes to taking video, the camera does also have the ability to cut out distracting background noise so you can hear everything and you can also do some basic editing of what you have shot directly on the camera.

Clearly everything has to be in focus and with the Canon EOS 60D you get a 9 point AF system and this is complemented by a 63 zone sensor that takes into consideration all kinds of things including light and the colors so you get better results in more testing conditions. The camera will also then largely eliminate issues with changes in the light or focus errors so you will find it difficult to really take a bad photograph with this model.

Using the 60D is very simple due to it coming with a multi-control dial that means you can skip through menus with just a single touch and when it comes to taking the actual images themselves, then you have a 3 inch clear view LCD monitor that swings out from the back of the camera and can be adjusted as you see fit.

canon eos 60d
canon eos 60d

Positive Aspects Of The Canon 60 D

The ease of use has to be a real positive here as some cameras can be rather tricky as they are just too complicated for the relative newcomer to really understand. The in-camera processing is also very good and this 63 zone duel sensor really does make a difference with the autofocus so you will need to try very hard to take bad looking photographs and this camera is ideal in a number of situations where the light levels can vary over a short period of time. It will also not take you too long to learn all about the different menus and options as long as you spend the time reading the manual when you first get the Canon EOS 60D

It also has to be said that the view finder with this model is better than previous ones as it shows you 96% of the image making it the highest percentage that they have ever achieved. The ability to block out background noise is also going to be an advantage if you like to take short clips so you will not be distracted and can instead focus on the main object of the video.

canon eos 60d
canon eos 60d

Possible Negatives With The 60D Canon Camera

One real negative is that the body of the 60D has been replaced with one that is made from polycarbonate and this does give it a slightly cheaper feel and this could have so easily been avoided. There is also no micro-adjusting of the lens in this model, but this is only really a negative if you are the type of person that likes to make sure that the finer details of any image are perfect, but if you are more about point and click, then this will not be as big an issue.

Finally, the camera itself may be slightly too slow for some people, but this does tend to be professionals who are looking for absolute precision in everything that the camera can do. For most people this will not be a problem and it could be argued that professionals would be buying more expensive and bigger cameras anyway.

Overview Of The Canon 60D

Canon 60D Manual

A how to tutorial video for the Canon 60D. Check it out!

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Conclusion - Canon 60D

canon eos 60d
canon eos 60d

If you enjoy photography and want to get a camera that is going to last you for quite some time, then the Canon EOS 60D really is going to be the one for you. There is nothing too complex about the camera and it certainly takes very clear photographs even in the most testing of conditions, so if you want to spend some cash and get a quality digital camera, then the Canon EOS 60D would be a fantastic choice.



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    • marvmac profile image

      marvmac 4 years ago

      All of your lenses are very informative

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      Takkhis 5 years ago

      Great review with a lot of info. Currently I have Sony camera.