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eCards: Fun eCard Greetings for little known occasions

Updated on June 26, 2010

eCards: Fun eCard Greetings for little known occasions

Our series of eCard exposes has attracted literally 10s of visitors. In light of this turn of events, prudent advice might suggest that less is more, but prudent advice can look both ways at the crosswalk and have a nice time browsing at the Hallmark Store. We introduce yet another compendium of Fun eCard Greetings for little known occasions. Submitted for your approval; feel free to use these ditties as part of your own eCards. Combine our verses with your adorable animal graphics and sound bites to build The Perfect eCard.

Guidelines for the perfect eCard

Here are the building blocks for an optimal eCard

  • Cute graphics of anthropomorphic woodland creatures
  • Brief sound bite
  • Pithy and proper rhyming verses
  • Correct email address.

Adhering to the theory of irreducible complexity, do not remove any of the components. For example, applying an incorrect email address could lead to disaster.

eCard: You Wrecked Your Bike

We're sorry that you crashed your bike,
No two bruises are ever alike.
You'll be back on your wheels
When everything heals.
Until then, enjoy a nice hike.

eCards: Fun eCard Greetings for little known occasions
eCards: Fun eCard Greetings for little known occasions

eCard: You got a new computer

Amazingly fast and high-tech,
Did you charge it or give them a check?
The video's amazing,
The CPU's blazing,
And with it you're reading this dreck?

eCard: The Deer Ate Your Garden

You look in the yard and see deer,
They act like they've nothing to fear.
They strike noble poses,
And gobble your roses,
Shotgun them, and don't shed a tear.

eCard: You Remodeled the Kitchen

New cabinet, new counter, new floor
Gold handles to open each drawer
A knock at the door,
The inspectors kept score,
A building permit was ignored.

eCard Greeting: No One Reads Your Hubs

A thesaurus could help you with words,
And bring you more readers, in herds.
If you mix in a rhyme,
And work overtime,
You may reap some AdWords rewards.


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    • MaritimeGem profile image

      MaritimeGem 7 years ago from Gaspe Quebec Canada

      Very good! Loved the bike wreck

    • profile image 7 years ago

      eCard If you are ve-ry intel-li-gent you could end up being lon-e-ly and bent. Dumb yourself down and try not to show you've already seen what they think they should know.