mother love

  1. PTAYLOR9366 profile image54
    PTAYLOR9366posted 8 years ago

    mother love
    that never dies
    i love my babies boys
    even though
    four of my boys are grown
    they still my babies
    i have a 12 yr old son to
    he my baby
    mother love
    that never dies
    i am over protected
    of my boys
    they don't understand
    it just my way of showing
    my love
    plus afraid lossing
    them to
    mother love
    that never dies
    ask your self this
    will you die for your
    i will
    that a
    mother love

  2. sukkran profile image68
    sukkranposted 8 years ago

    mother's love is the true love, i 100% accept what you say and hope each one of us loves his/her mom.