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    El-Saidposted 9 years ago

    School Song
    Dedicated to Al-Iman School, Lafia

    Faith Al-Iman,
    We believe knowlege is light,
    Our aim is to learn the secret of the pen,
    The light that brightens the life of mankind,

    Hail Al-Iman,
    We come of age,
    To stand on our feet,
    And march all the odds,
    Inclining to the call of our faith of peace,

    Praises unto thee,
    Oh, Al-Iman,
    Knowledge belongst to us,
    Our effort is to know the purpose of life,

    Ustaz Sani Bulatori,
    Spearheaded Al-Iman,
    He leads the way while others follow,
    The road may be rough,
    Though we have faith,
    Hardwork and discipline,
    Harmony and love,

    Our struggle to learn shall never be in vain,
    Al-Iman Lafia shall reign for ever more.

    By Musa Muhammad El-Said

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    Dame Scribeposted 9 years ago

    very nice. smile love poems on promotion of peace and harmony, thank you.