Adieu Mother

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    El-Saidposted 9 years ago

    Breast Cancer stroke my mother,
    Some say it has no cure,
    To cut the breast was rare,
    Yet we tried to persevere,
    for the pains it cause is sever.

    She rejected the idea,
    And tied our hearts with tears,
    That no one will live forever,
    Even when health and wealth is there,
    Age and death has no cure.

    Now she is gone forever,
    And left me in utter despair,
    In the cruel world I live in fear,
    As I have no one so dear,
    To embrace me at heart so fair,

    I shiver out of fear,
    For we shall not meet nor share,
    For the memories that live with me here,
    I wish to know her condition up there,
    To say a word or two to my mother,
    And feel her presence if I dare,

    When will I say Adieu,
    To a mother I missed so dear,
    The mother I need so much to share,
    But left me with much to bear,
    With brothers and sisters to care.

    By Musa Muhammad El-Said


    Mass awake early to go,
    And cast a vote for a choice to win,
    To raise the hope hospitalised in vain,
    And feel the vibrance of life again.

    Yet it comes and pass again,
    The hope of all has won again,
    The hope of some in all despair,
    For the hope that comes have no fair,
    For to win to loss is to loss and win,
    And to fair win is to fair lead,

    Thus I pray for the ones in want to demand for all.

    By Musa Muhammad El-Said

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    C. C. Riterposted 9 years ago

    Great poetry there, so sorry for your loss so dear.

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    El-Saidposted 9 years ago

    Thanks C. C. Riter. I really appreciate your comment.