What model lens can one find for the AG 456? I just got one from a surplus stor

  1. TheCyberArtist profile image57
    TheCyberArtistposted 8 years ago

    What model lens can one find for the AG 456? I just got one  from a surplus store in very good shape

    I also  picked up as AG 196 some time back as well.  The AG 456 I got for $40 plus tax and the 196 i got for like $20..
    I want to use both cameras to document events and to shoot low light footage (both seem to this well) Lens for the AG 456 would cool. Thanks for any info

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    1001Hobbiesposted 6 years ago

    The lense set that I have for my camera is made by Raynox. The pair are sold as Raynox AF-1010. It is a set of 1.5x telephoto and a 0.65 x wideangle lens. I have not used the telephoto lens but I have used the wide angle lense with no vignetting or distortion of any kind. You can find this set for about $65 to $80 on ebay or other photo supply places. They have been around a long time and may not be available new. Mine were like new from ebay for $65. These lenses come with adapter rings but the lenses fit my AG-456-UP without them.


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    TheCyberArtistposted 6 years ago

    Thank  nothing on eBay right now will keep a look for them still have the AG456 and using it.. the Len set sound like just what i need for some shots I want. thanks