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What is your favorite color and why?

  1. girl4God profile image56
    girl4Godposted 7 years ago

    What is your favorite color and why?

  2. wmspringer profile image61
    wmspringerposted 7 years ago

    Green - it's very relaxing and easy on the eyes.

  3. sofs profile image81
    sofsposted 7 years ago

    Sky Blue so peaceful so calm so relaxing, I love it have an entire wardrobe around it! Heavenly

  4. Webskitzo profile image59
    Webskitzoposted 7 years ago

    Black because it matches everything pretty easily.

  5. zoey24 profile image75
    zoey24posted 7 years ago

    Pink because i am just a girly girl at heart hehe

  6. Jason Oleinik profile image70
    Jason Oleinikposted 7 years ago

    Blue. It's calm, peaceful, and "philosophical"

  7. FloBe profile image81
    FloBeposted 7 years ago

    Red--this color can be mixed with white to make many shades of pink and I love all of them!! It is a cheerful color.