Good New Poems deserve Good Readers

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    Practicaposted 10 years ago

    I took some time yesterday to look over my list of 'to visit' webpages of work by local working writers.  I found a lovely poem by William Reichard of my home town on the writer's almanac site  on the archived broadcast for December 30 at … 007/12/24/

    and some work and blogs that are charming by local writer Jack Hays on

    and good fresh writing on the Coffee House Press and Mid-List Press websites.

    I was reminded that everyone wants someone to read their poems (me too), but too often we solipsistically neglect to read new work being published right at home, so to speak.  It's easy to find the work of national figures like Rita Dove or Donald Hall or Billy Collins, and too easy to neglect the work of fine small presses.

    I resolve in the new year to be a less passive reader, and to go to the trouble of reading neglected work.