I have an art degree, what are my options?

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  1. Captainausume profile image61
    Captainausumeposted 7 years ago

    I have an art degree, what are my options?


  2. wingedcentaur profile image81
    wingedcentaurposted 7 years ago

    Hi, Captainausume!

    Do you like children? Why not be an art teacher at elementary school? Art and music is really important for the overall intellectual development of young people. Since you are a college graduate you can, of course, always be a general elementary school teacher, bringing your particular artistic sensibilities to the job.

    You could always go into advertising and marketing field. I believe marketing is the strategic end and advertising is the tactical end.

    I would imagine there could even be a place for you in the fashion world.

    Now, when you say you have a degree in art, does this mean art history, or is this a degree in which you have developed a practical proficiency in doing art (drawing, painting, sculpture, and the like)?

    Maybe you could work in a museum.

    Here's a wacky suggestion. Join the police force to become a missing person sketch artist. LOL. big_smile

    You could be a commercial artist of some kind. (Again, I don't know if your degree is in practical proficiency or something like art history).

    Perhaps you could be a cartoonist for The New Yorker or some fancy publication like that. Do you love comic books and graphic novels? Well, maybe you could be a comics illustrator.

    Do you have a passion for movies? Maybe you could bring your artistic training to cinematography or filmmaking in general.

    And so on and so forth. Hope that helps.

    Take it easy!

  3. danielleantosz profile image71
    danielleantoszposted 7 years ago

    ...lol. Welcome to my world! I just recently graduated with a degree in art history. Your job/career options do depend upon what type of art you create.  Graphic designers are worth their weight in gold, but I am guessing that wasn't your focus or you would have specified that.

    Teaching is a great option, look into getting certified to teach in your state, or look for a job working with seniors.  Art therapy is very popular. There is a company called "Painting with a twist" I am not sure where you are at, but i have a few artist friends who work there.

    Look into selling your work at craft fairs, flea markets and on Etsy.com.

    Good luck, the economy is rough right now. You might find some solace in my hub http://danielleantosz.hubpages.com/hub/ … ng-College

  4. Captainausume profile image61
    Captainausumeposted 7 years ago

    Unfortunately, I live in New Jersey. Problem? Our Governor eats schools. I have other friends desperately searching for teaching jobs and they are very hard to get now.

  5. Bubblegum Senpai profile image88
    Bubblegum Senpaiposted 7 years ago

    I too have an art degree, so I will tell you that realistically, you have two options: McDonalds or more schooling and student loans. I personally chose the latter of the two. I'm working now on a B.A. in Policy Studies and Political Philosophy, then I hope to go overseas to get a Masters in Eastern Philosophy, with electives in world history. By the time I retire, my student loan may finally get paid off.

  6. micadeolu profile image42
    micadeoluposted 7 years ago

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