What do you think of Swarovski Advanced Elements?

  1. talfonso profile image81
    talfonsoposted 5 years ago

    What do you think of Swarovski Advanced Elements?

    Just bought some chatons (XIRUS 1088) from ArtBeads and I hope it does live up to its standard because it's made with something called Advanced Crystal. It's low lead, thus you can use it for kids' pageant clothing, party dresses, and dance recital duds. I love the fact that they are low lead, which is crucial because of the CPSIA regulating the lead content in crystal components. (Caveat: it's not suited for kids under 3.)

    So, what do you think of the new concept? If you have the money, would you be trimming you're kids' clothes with the low lead gems?

  2. SidKemp profile image94
    SidKempposted 5 years ago

    These sound beautiful, but I would be very cautious.

    It is good that these crystals exceed all *current* regulatory requirements. But regulations are generally ten years or more behind industry. Industry produces new substances, and it takes a decade or more to find out that they are toxic.

    My grandfather, a physicist, once said to me, "You never know the long-term effects of anything until it has been around for a long time."

    A cautionary tale from the past few years is the use of BPA in reusable water bottles. It was found to cause cancer, and manufacturers who had said it was essential (meaning less expensive) largely stopped using it. *But we have no idea what they are using now, and whether it is toxic or not. We went from a known toxin to unknown, unregulated chemicals.

    Swarovski crystal beauty in some cases - not clear about elements - is created by coatings. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swarovski) Are these coatings really safe for children? The cautious truth is we won't know for decades. We do know that children are more susceptible to toxins from untested substances.

    Myself, I play it safe, and, if I had children, I would play it safe with them. I don't want to have a new disease named after me or my kids. But I am very conservative on this one. I'm an all-natural wool & cotton kind of guy.