my poem: Let us arise and move the world foward

  1. dunpresident profile image60
    dunpresidentposted 9 years ago

    it cuts down into our flesh,
    for cutting is its hobby,
    to bring down our flesh,
    to mere flakes of meat,
    undesirable for the desiring eye,
    for the glamour has marooned,
    the once admirable body,
    which now is emaciated,

    our pockets are emasculated,
    by the massive expenditure,
    om body nourishment,
    most of it also in,
    the embalming of the corpses
    the corpses which take long,
    before burial,
    so that the reverends and pilots,
    should pay respect,
    to the departed as they would say.

    it cuts down hopes,
    hopes of a clear tomorrow,
    a day that willremain still,
    remain enchanted never to be,
    to be saved by the most-
    witful:the doctors,
    they lack the module,
    and they cant help,
    but only conceit defeat.

    it cares not the ages,
    neither doesit care the wages,
    and if you were to ask,
    if it cares for race and color,
    i would incontrovertibly answer,
    it allienates anyone anyhow,
    its physique is appealing to,
    everyone who isnt keen enough,
    keen to use the inner eye,
    that given by God to choose,
    between good and bad,
    for the convenience of saying,
    Yes Or No!

    orphanages are filled,
    cemeteries built day and night,
    companies robbed of skilled personnel,
    others turn ro be weapons,
    those of mass destruction,
    just because,..
    they cant afford to say goodbye,
    Alone,they want to leave,
    leave with many desciples,
    for their comfort in hell,
    just imagine!

    organisanions are setting aside funds,
    setting them aside for its prevention,
    simply because the cure is only,
    known in the world of utopia,
    but this alone isnt enough!
    not enough at all,
    it needs your efforts and mine,
    undaunted effort to say No!
    and indeed mean No!and-
    our No should be No against,..
    the known scourge that should be...
    scorned and discarded from earth.

    let us all arise,
    with the unity of our fore fathers,
    in one will bound by the blood,
    that has so far flowed,
    from the bodies of many,
    arise with one motive,
    to drive away the monster,
    let us empty our arsenal,
    with the best weapons:A-B-C.
    which will help us fight the,
    not forgetting the creators help,
    let us all and one arise,
    for its time for the revolution.

    hatred is smelling in the air,
    a sign that the enemy,
    has taken enough for the owner to ignore,
    everyone should get effronterous,
    and the egocentric,
    should start thinking patriotically,
    for the world needs your hand,
    and mine alike,
    in commiting this murder,
    that could be a holy crime,
    for the benefit of the human race,
    And Alas!
    salvation will come.