1. geriyourstudent profile image54
    geriyourstudentposted 9 years ago

    My body has these urges of hate,
    Towards you,
    Towards her,
    But I can't say nothing,
    In fact I'm suppose to take it,
    It keeps my mind wondering,
    What else are you going to need to fullfill,
    Maybe an older chick next,
    I mean you've already talk to a teen.

    What that phase you say,
    "DO YOU",
    How am I suppose to grasp that concept,
    It makes my skin crawl with disguise just knowing what I know,
    I've dreamt about the ordeal repeatly,
    I wake up in fear that it will happen again,
    I loose,
    she gains.

    Even though we started out riding trains and sleeping on a twin matteress,
    Shit never guareented forever,
    I pushed you away,
    And now you feel I have to pay,
    But when will it be enough?

    You try to keep me in the dark about the situation,
    But slowly and surely its making it way to the light,
    Not even you can stop that.

    I try not to let it distract me,
    But it has,
    Sometimes I feel like the biggest fool,
    This shit leaves me so confused,
    I feel like I'm going to loose my mind,
    But deep down I'm trying to give it time,
    Time for my heart to recover and regain the love I once knew.