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Valentine’s Day Vintage Postage Stamps

Updated on February 7, 2015

Vintage Heart with Roses Stamp

Heart with Roses Postage
Heart with Roses Postage

Send Cards with Vintage Postage Stamps

Vintage Valentine stamps come custom made from an online shops like Zazzle. I love this site, in fact I am addicted to it. Zazzle is a high quality, fast shipping, online shop where print on demand postage will be sent to the buyer within 24 hours. I have bought Zazzle products myself and can vouch for their excellent quality and customer service. Zazzle offers a wide variety of vintage postage stamps. These stamps can be changed to suit the customer. As the buyer, you are allowed to change or add text, change the pictures or re-size them. Provided the shopkeeper has allowed it. Not too many online shops can offer such flexibility.

Vintage stamps, cards, and prints have become more popular over the last few years. Most everyone loves seeing artwork and photographs of the past. Some of my Vintage Valentines designs date back from 1908 to 1923. For more information on these stamps look through the collection to see the Vintage Valentine's Day Stamps

The Heart with Roses Postage Stamp would be a wonderful touch to send along with a card to your loved one or dear friend. This stamp could be used for any special occasion.

First Kiss Vintage Stamp

See links below to visit
See links below to visit | Source

Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

This is something you never forget. The butterflies in the stomach, a nervous giggle, the anticipation of the moment and then it happens; a sweet enduring explosion of pleasure. The feel of your first kiss will stay with you forever and ever and ever. You may kiss many times again, but nothing ever captures the first kiss.

Your first kiss can be the very first time you ever kissed a boy or girl. I remember my first kiss. I was seven years old and in love. We planned on getting married and raising a family. But it didn’t last. I moved away and we grew up. After that, I didn’t like boys for awhile. They were germy.

What about your first kiss as an adult. Make sure that this is with someone you really care about. Someone special that you have had the chance to get to know and feel comfortable with, someone who feels the same way about you. Then process slowly with fresh breath (if you both had garlic bread, that might be OK), then keep the first kiss light with a hug at the end. If your sweetheart responds, a more enduring kiss can follow.

Cupid Vintage Valentine Stamps

Cupid & Couple Vintage Postage
Cupid & Couple Vintage Postage
Vintage Cupid Watering Roses Postage
Vintage Cupid Watering Roses Postage
Cupid and Poem Postage
Cupid and Poem Postage
Vintage Cupid with Roses Postage
Vintage Cupid with Roses Postage

Cupid is the Symbol for Valentine's Day

Cupid has become a symbol for Valentine's Day. But do you know how cupid originated?

Cupid is a tale of love and jealousy. The goddess Venus was jealous Psyche, a beautiful mortal girl. She ask her son Cupid, (who had magical golden arrows) to use his one of his arrows while Psyche sleeps. So when she would wake up, she would see this hideous creature that Venus had placed in her room and fall in love with him.

Cupid reluctantly carries out his mission. He turns himself invisible. But before he can scratch her shoulder with the arrow, she awakens, startling him, for she looks right into his eyes, despite his invisibility. This causes him to scratch himself with his arrow, falling deeply in love with her. He cannot continue his mission, for every passing second he finds it more appalling. This enrages Venus, so she places a curse on Psyche that keeps her from meeting a suitable husband. Cupid becomes greatly upset by this and he decides as long as the curse stays on Psyche, he will no longer shoot arrows, which will cause Venus' temple to fall. The earth becomes old, no animal or mortal is falling in love.

Everything is dying off. Venus has no choice but to listen to Cupid's demands as having his own way. Cupid desires Psyche. Venus, upset, agrees to his demands only if he begins work immediately. He accepts the offer and begins shooting his golden arrows as fast as he can, restoring everything to the way it should be. Everyone was falling in love, animals were mating, and the Earth was prospering with life once again.

Amazon has a Valentine for your sweetheart here in jewelry, candy, signs, books and so on for any time of year.

Vintage Boy and Couple Stamps

Boy with Heart in Boat Postage
Boy with Heart in Boat Postage
Victorian Couple Valentine Postage
Victorian Couple Valentine Postage

A Boy and a Vintage Couple

What does a Boy holding a heart and a Vintage Couple have in common?

They are both part of a the Vintage Valentine's collection in my gift shop on Zazzle. See all of the postage stamps here at Zazzle.

Valentine's Day is February 14th. Don't forget to get your special sweetheart a card with a matching Vintage stamp.

Visit my Sandyspider Gifts Zazzle shop to purchase any of the stamps shown above. Plus all the postage stamps available in that gift shop.

Please be considerate and do not copy any of my pictures. They are all copyrighted and have a digital thumb print on file.

Happy Valentines Words Cards Goes with the Stamps on Zazzle from Atozunme Shop

The copyright to this article is owned by Sandy Mertens (sandyspider). Content is original and may not be used without permission from Sandyspider. (S. Mertens)

© 2010 Sandy Mertens


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