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Best Roads for Motorcycling in Wales

Updated on November 2, 2017
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Trudy otherwise known as tlcs loves to write about motorcycling and touring. The sense of freedom that you get when riding is awesome!

Wales in all it's glory!
Wales in all it's glory! | Source

The right road to start with...

Which area shall I begin with, I have rode with my hubby around England, Scotland and Wales and there are many different roads that you could ride on and have an outstanding and adrenalin rushing, rewarding day.

I would recommend that you take your wet gear with you as Wales is notorious for starting of dry and ending up absolutely pouring it down!

A Sat nav would also be advisable just in case you get lost! The roads can be quite baron and lonely in places and if your travelling alone the sat nav is great to have with you.

Well here we go.

I have decided to start with Builth Wells to Brecon

From Builth Wells to Brecon on the B4520 this is a real challenge for most bikers and I would say that it is easier to do if you have passed your advanced biker's test. My hubby has done his and he has told me that you really need to be on the ball with your riding skills on the bends.

And for the pillion passenger

Brecon Beacons Mountain Centre - The two tallest mountains in South Wales can be seen from the Centre, From the balcony of the mountain Centre is one of the finest views in the Brecon Beacons National Park. The Centre is based on moorland which has panoramic view of the park's four mountain ranges.

After sitting in the saddle for a while the views from here and the break from riding was very welcoming!

I only wish that we brought a flask with us, or even a couple of cans of Pepsi. It's very windy up here and I really hope that it isn't going to rain! As a pillion passenger who already has to deal with her hair looking a total mess, I will not be happy if it rains as well!

Map leading to Brecon Mountain Railway

Hundred House Road, A44 to Builth Wells A481 this is a shortcut to the main road to England, tight corners again and open straight roads. Quiet as many bikers tend to stay on the A483.


Newton to Crossgates A483 that this is the bendiest road in Wales, two up was a challenge for him and extremely rewarding, there is also a garage with a cafe at the end to have a good cup of tea.

This area seems like it is a biker's meet, there are loads of bikers all ready to share there experiences of riding through Wales and they all have great stories to tell about the winding and bending roads and hairpins. All of them in there total element!

A welcoming cuppa after a great ride!
A welcoming cuppa after a great ride! | Source

Ponderosa Cafe is on the Horseshoe Pass A525 and a welcome stop, with a great deal of biker's enjoying the break, view and a good cuppa!

Llanrwst to Abergel A548, this is a favorite road for biker's in Wales, its empty unspoilt countryside is a must see for all bikers.

Horseshoe Pass, A525 to Llangollen A542, this is a highway approximately seven miles long with great open views of the countryside.


Pass of Llanberis, Caernarfon to Capel Curig, A4086 another great road in Wales, slipping through the shoulder of Mount Snowdon. If you visit try to avoid the summer months when it can be extremely bush due to the Mountain pass.

Snowdon Mountain Railway has a little steam train that takes the trip up the Mountain, if you get the chance to take it then I would if I was you breathtaking and exhilarating experience to be had by all.

Wow, what a day, not just the riding but coming up this mountain has topped it off for me. Ironic that we travel so far normally in Europe to gain these sorts of views and really there on our doorstep.

I suppose the only other thing is that you are guaranteed the good weather riding abroad (not in the case of Germany, Austria and Italy for us, but that's another story!) where is here in Wales those rain clouds are still looming and I just hope that it doesn't rain for us!

Pnerhyndeudraeth to Caernarfon A4085 after riding for a short period you can see why Snowdonia is such a popular area for bikers it is just amazing how many corners there are, be aware of the traffic around Beddgelert however during the summer months.

And it goes on and on and on!
And it goes on and on and on! | Source

Tan-y-Bwich to the A4085, B4410, this road is quite short but very challenging in the middle of the forest with stone walls either side of you, outstanding scenery for the pillion passenger as well as the rider.

Bala to Trawsfynydd, A4212 This road is one of those roads that you which you could stay on all day, bending and winding with fabulous views all around you.

Perfect bliss!
Perfect bliss! | Source

Penybontfawr to Bala B4391 another spectacular road similar to Trawsfynydd but as you drop down to Bala there are a series of spectacular hairpins to be had.


Lake Vyrnwy B4393, This road is what I would call the real Wales road, it is a single lane road and the views are beautiful and scenic. I was extremely happy that I saw this lake.

Dolgellau to Machynlleth, A487 This is a very demanding road and very challenging but very rewarding.

Machynlleth to Dolgellau A493 you can see the Irish Sea on this road, glorious views to be had by both rider and pillion.

This ride shows you have awesome the roads are for a biker!

Llangurig to Aberystwyth A44 This is a main road leading down to the coastal resort of Aberystwyth, definitely the place to stop for lunch, beautiful sea view and the welsh people were very accommodating with two bikers turning up at their cafe by the sea. Before setting off again we had a lovely welsh ice cream as well as lunch!

Lladovery to Beulah A483 this was a very long straight road with corners that were very tight especially with me on the back!

Eglwyswrw to Haverfordwest B4392, this part of the journey reminded me of being in Italy or even parts of Spain, being able to ride at our pace through the mountains as there was no other traffic at the time was a blessing!

Llanwrda to Lampeter A482, This road is a bikers heaven, get round one bend and your on top of another, it just goes and and on, absolutely great for the biker.

Brynamman to Llangadog, A4069. This road is truly welsh, with fabulous views to be had for the pillion passenger as well as the rider, both of us are in total bliss.

The A4069 what a blast!

Sennybridge to Abercrave A4067, you need to think about it on this road, concentration is paramount if your to take in the views and ride at the speed you really want to go at!

Penderyn to the A470 This road goes from the north to the south of wales, It's a good road but the south side looks very busy and touristy.

Llangynidr to Garnlydan B4560 - If your lucky enough to be here when the sun is shining you're in for a real treat, beautiful views and outstanding corners!

Blaenavon to Abergavenny B4246, This is when you first clock the mountains, it's a very sharp road which climbs up and across hills, the view is baron but beautiful.

Monmouth to Chempstow A466 This road goes through the Forest of Dean, outstanding beauty on this part of the ride, including the river wye.

As you can see just a little traffic through Forest of Dean!

And finally....

I hope you have enjoyed my ride with my hubby and !! It really is one to do.

Oh, and be safe!!!!


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