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Car Accident Guide - What to Do

Updated on October 23, 2012

Every year, so many individuals are involved in car accidents. If you also fall into this category, it is quite important that you react in a proper manner in order to prevent further injuries, minimize costs and enhance the repair process.

Emergency Kit

You need to carry a mobile phone in addition to pen and paper for notes purpose, a camera to take images of the cars at the scene, and a card containing details of medical conditions that may need focus in case of serious injuries.


If you have just experienced a minor accident with no serious injury to talk about, make sure that you move cars to the side portion so that there is no impact on the traffic.

When your car remains in the middle of the road, it can lead to more accidents and injuries. If your car is not able to move, you should keep seated in car with seatbelts fastened. It is recommended that you turn on hazard lights in this scenario.

Exchange Details

After the accident, it is of utmost importance that you exchange details such as name, phone number, residential address, insurance company and driver license number.

Note down the exact location of the accident and the reason behind it. Be polite but don't tell police officials and other individuals that accident occurs because you were at the fault, even if that was the case. It can go against you during court hearing.

Photograph And Accident Documentation

Take the help of your camera in documenting the damage to all the cars. The pictures you have taken should highlight the complete context of the accident. When claiming for insurance, this is going to play a very significant part. If you have witnesses, they can help you during court hearing and insurance claim. Get their contact details.

Filing An Accident Report

Although law enforcement officers in lots of places do not take any actions until and unless there are injuries, as a driver, it is advisable that you file an accident report. The most important thing about filing an accident report is that it is going to speed up the whole routine of insurance claim.

Insurance Covers

The complete insurance routine will be straightforward following your accident if you are aware of your coverage details. To start with, don't wait until you get involved in an accident to get an overview of what your insurance policy does not cover.

One of the most vital parts of accident is who is going to feel the brunt of damages. If the accident falls into the category of 'minor', you and the other party involved in an accident can handle things, without involving an insurance company. But that is not ideal.

While the other party is ready to pay for the car damage on the accident spot, they may back out later after seeing the high repair bill. In this scenario, you are going to face a difficulty in filing a claim, especially with so much time already lost.

David Marocchi specializes in compensation law and personal injury law. His company, Paramount Lawyers based in Australia can help you deal with unpleasant issues that can come out of car accidents and other injury related events.


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