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Car Driving Safety Tips And Measures

Updated on October 22, 2011

The rate of road accidents is increasing day by day. Reckless speed and careless driving can take your life any moment. The main question is why is all this important? It’s important because it matters with your life, as it is fragile.

Causes of Accidents

Some of the major causes of increasing number of road accidents are as follows

Loss Of Attention Of The Driver May Be Caused By:

  • Fatigue
  • Distraction
  • Talking
  • Day dreaming
  • Sleepiness

Reckless Speed Which Can Cause Loss Of Control On The Car

One of the most major causes is speed. Risk of accidents increased by it has grown exponentially. Speed access from the limits can make you lose control and also decreases the ability to react immediately over any sudden danger. It also increase the energy that means if you are in high speed and you hit something you will hit it with the maximum of the force you have at that time.

The Car’s Condition Itself

Accidents also happen when you vehicle is not in a fine condition. Before getting the car started you must check the fluids and other maintenances.

Disruption Because Of Cell Phones

There are certain situations through which your cell phone can become one of the causes for a road accident.

  • Talking and driving at the same time.
  • As you talk on the cell phone your concentration gets diverted to the conversation from the road.

  • While being attentive towards your phone you miss the light signals enter in to lane of another road.
  • Holding your phone with one hand makes you hold the steering wheel with the other anything that involves one of your hands can be a reason for a major disaster.
  • Every small thing can become a cause a big loss.

It’s your life and so the choice is. A little bit consciousness and carefulness can save you and make you drive safely for ages.

Measures To Be Made

Some safety measures can be taken which can be helpful in driving, if followed. Here are few:

Never Trust Anyone

Everyone, including you, makes mistakes in driving. So it’s better if you not trust anyone’s driving for you don’ know when he will make an error and you will also suffer because of it.

Do Not Violate The Traffic Rules

The traffic rules are made in the sense to be followed and looked upon very carefully. They are in fact for the safety of the people. So you must not violate these rules for it can create disorder and confusion which can result in any type of accident either major or minor. Try to maintain the defined speed limit and not to rash on the road.

Leave Earlier

Almost everyone works and has to reach his work place on time and if he sometimes get late any how or get stuck in a traffic jam he would try to rush because of shortage of remaining time. So it’s better to leave the home earlier so that you may have some time in your hand and you don’t have to rush on the road with a fear of being late.

Follow The Traffic Lights

The traffic lights are placed to maintain the traffic at the road. If they will not be followed it will surely result in any sort of accident. So it’s better to wait when the light turns red and not to rush on the road.

Don’t Drive When You Eyes Are Fading

Being impaired decreases your ability to utilize your senses and drive safely. This can be caused due to drugs, alcohol, injuries, illness or tiredness.

Maintain Your Cars

Before picking up the car you must check everything and maintain it properly. The engines should be in very good condition and should be checked up after every interval.

Switch The Cell Phones Off

While you are driving switch your off so that your concentration may not get diverted towards the cell phone. And if it’s very necessary, to make or pick a call, then use speaker phone or hands free. Make a limited conversation.

Use Moderate Volume For Music

Some people are fond of listening to music while driving. It’s ok until the volume level is moderate and is not very high. Make a separate CD for the songs to be listened in the car and it’s better to switch the player off in heavy traffic.

Always Wear The Seatbelt

The most important safety measure while driving a car is to wear the seatbelt. It helps in more ways than you can think of.

  • They protect from crash.
  • Prevents he drivers and passengers being thrown out of the vehicle.
  • Soak up crash forces.

If these rules are followed then the rate of road accidents can be decreased and the loss of lives as well as properties can be reduced. Remember this; Your life is important and so is other’s.


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    • PA Injury Lawyers profile image

      PA Injury Lawyers 6 years ago from Scranton Pennsylvania

      Great information.

      The tips may seem simple, but they can save a lot of money and/or lives.

    • profile image

      Saturn Jay 6 years ago

      Thanks for the tips... This will really help not only those driving but the people around.