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Child Safety Tips

Updated on October 22, 2011

Finally the search for your new home is now complete; you have found the perfect home for you and your family. The state agent gives you a call to finalize some paper work, the payment is made and keys of your new home are handed over to you. You are sure that this home is in the best interest of you and your family.

But do you have child safety in mind? Is your new home really a safe haven for your children? Are your children really safe in your new home to roam around freely without getting injured? If not then you should be a little more concerned.

Proving your new home a safer place for your children must be your first priority before you move in. Child safely doesn’t necessarily have to be a long enduring process with installing of hi tech gadgets and spending a great deal of money but the entire process can be done in a lot less time with even lesser amount of money than you actually think. Following are some tips which will help you guide in making your home a lot safer.

Tip No: 1 (Put Yourself In Your Child’s Shoes):

All children are curious by nature they will find and venture into stuff that you would have probably never considered as dangerous and can harm your child. Most parents generally of the opinion that if a child gets hurt by doing something he will learn from his/her mistake and the pain of his first encounter will always remind him/her to avoid getting into the same stuff again.

However this is not the reality chances are that most children will do it again, so you should thank your kid for showing the harmful and dangerous spots of your home and quickly do something about it so that this never happens again.

Tip No: 2 (Doubts Can Be Dangerous)

Being a parent of your child you know best what is and what is not dangerous for your kid, consider even the slights doubt that you have in mind. If you think that there is a possibility of injury than certainly there is. Try finding out what can you do to keep your child away from that particular place.

For example staircases are always a cause of injuries in young children. Therefore you should install a baby gate at the top and bottom of your staircase in order to keep your kid out off the staircase when you are not around. This tool will certainly not hold your older kids from sliding down the handrail but it’ll certainly be very useful in preventing your younger kids from rolling down the stairs.

Tip No: 3 (Keep Your Medcines Out Of Your Child’s Reach)

Store all of your medicines, first aid kits, cleaners and other dangerous chemical substances out of the reach of your children. Never let your convenience overlook the safety of your children.

If you store any type of chemical substances in drawers or cupboards which are in the easy reach of your child then always remember to put safety latches on your drawers and cupboard doors. Keep the doors of your kitchen and your bathroom closed all the time.

Tip No: 4 (Make Sure To Cover Electric Outlets):

Electric outlets can pose a serious threat to young children. Bigger homes generally have a large no of electric outlets usually places in corners that we most of the time ignore. These outlets for some particular reason attract young children and they intend to play around with the switches turning them on and off while inserting their little fingers into the opening for the plugs.

The most reliable, easy and cheap way to protect your child from these electric outlets is to cover each outlet using plugs. These plugs are designed to close all the opening in an electric outlet which can case an electric shock. It can simply be put in as you put in a plug on an outlet. These plugs are very difficult for your kids to remove.

Tip No: 5 (Choking Hazards)

Being a parent you must be very careful in selecting the right toy for your child. Make sure that there are no small parts in that toy that can later become choking hazards for your kid.

The second most important fact that is generally over looked is food. Edible items such as grapes, nuts, small apples and hard boiled eggs should be cut into small pieces before serving to your child in order to avoid choking hazards.

Tip No: 6 (Securing Windows & Balconies)

You must have grown up hearing horrifying stories of young children slipping into narrow openings of windows and balconies and the falling several stories down which give you a cold shiver run across your body.

Children by nature are very curious and unknown has always been a challenge to them hence they tend to move into onto and out of places you as a parent would have never imagined. So be extra cautious that all of the windows of the house and doors leading to balconies and galleries are securely locked and are out of your child’s reach.

You can even install child safety locks available at most stores which generally grantee a very secure lock a from a child’s perspective. So as a parent you must keep these things in mind before you move to a new home for the best safety of your child. Just remember no danger is too small when it comes to child safety.


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