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What are the Different Types of Car Laptop Mount?

Updated on April 4, 2013

A car laptop mount can be installed in your automobile if you are the kind of person that needs to work on your laptop computer most of the time. This tripod shape gadget with a long adjustable leg supports the laptop from the bottom and it allows the user to adjust it to different viewing angles; so it is a truly flexible mount.

However, bear in mind that for safety purpose, this gadget is only for used when your car is safely parked or when there is no need for your full attention on the road. People who travels a lot and frequently caught in jams will definitely love it as the time spend on doing nothing could now be utilized on those unfinished tasks,

Sales representatives and business executives will also find a laptop car mount useful because it enables them to work on the laptop especially when they need to access to essential data and information or retrieving urgent email sent by their customers. Just find an unoccupied parking space and fire up the laptop; it's so easy and convenient.

One of the most bestsellers car laptop mount is the one known as 'no drill' type. It is a tripod shape that installed into the vehicle by utilizing the existing bolts and fixtures and for that, not modification is needed to be done.

This gadget is designed to hold the laptop firmly in place while at the same time providing you with full flexibility in adjusting it. The height of the tripod can be adjusted to suit your needs and it supports an arm with a spring-loaded or otherwise adjustable tray that fits most laptop sizes. It locks your computer firmly in place with a sliding rubber arms and it definitely would not block any ports from being accessed. The swing arm brings the laptop tray around for easy access. You can also adjust the viewing angle to suit your needs and comfort.

Since this is a no-drill laptop mount, your vehicle model and year made is required to get the perfect fit. Most models are covered except those that do not sell well. In the case if you fail to find the one that fits your car model, you can choose the universal car laptop holder instead.

A universal mount resembles the former model style in principle. But instead of installing the mount into the existing bolts, it has a small square base that need to be bolted to a flat section of your car's floor and this require drilling. This model is suitable for all types of cars and it is widely used in service vans that serve commercial purposes.

Buying a Car Laptop Mount?

Conveniently Access Your Laptop via on the Road
Conveniently Access Your Laptop via on the Road | Source

If you are planning to buy a 'on-drill' car laptop mount, the best solution is to search online; it is easy and fast. Why do I say so? Well, you see local retailers would not dare to take the risk of carrying such items as they involves a very high holding cost.

There are various models for so many brands and years. Online stores can deal with them as they might deal with the suppliers or manufacturers involved directly and thus, be able to offer you and which at even a cheaper price.

However, if you are looking for a universal model, you will be able to find it in your local superstore or auto accessories store. You too can find get them through online and you might get a better deal since online store does not involve a lot of cost.

DIY- Make One Yourself?

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