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Car Laptop Stand for Easy Access to Your Laptop Computer While On the Move

Updated on January 21, 2014

Car laptop stand has enabled professional such as business executives, sales representatives, brokers and etc to bring their works with them when hitting the road. This gadget is installed at the base of your car and it allows you to adjust the viewing angles so that you can find the one that you are comfortable with.

Although car laptop mount is designed to be used in your vehicle but it is highly recommended to be used only when your car is safely parked to avoid unnecessary incidents. However, you could still use it when getting caught in a traffic jam particular the heavy one. Though you still need to concentrate the distance between you and the car in front or else you will bump into it.

Road warriors that need to use their laptop computers will find this gadget very useful. With today's wireless connection, just a click of button will connect you to the internet within seconds. Imagines that a sales person that need product and price updates; he will get it once getting the car parked. Besides, urgent email also can be retrieved without any hassle, never again.

There are actually two widely used car laptop mount that's available in the market. The first one is the 'no-drill' model which utilizing the existing bolt for installation. As the name suggests, this kind of vehicle laptop stand does not require drilling to be done. Once installed, you can adjust the length of the tripod to fit you need (it holds the tray that supports the laptop). The tray is also fully adjustable so that you can get the perfect viewing of your laptop screen. The sliding rubber arm on the tray could be adjusted to fit your computer perfectly on it. It hold it firmly in place, so no worry if it will fall off.

A 'no-drill' laptop holder is a customized mount so you need to get the one that fit your car model and year made. Basically, you just supply the retailer with your car info and he will be able to find one for you. However, if you fail to get one that made for your car model, don't worry, you will always get he universal mount instead.

A universal laptop mount works exactly the same with the no-drill type, only that it need drilling. Instead of utilizing the existing bolts to fix it, it has a small base that need to be bolted to a flat section of your vehicle's floor. This model is suitable for all type of cars and it is widely used in commercial service van and government vehicle.

Where can You Get A Car Laptop Stand?

A vehicle laptop mount can always be purchased through the internet and indeed it is advisable that you source it online first because normally local retailer will not carry them as it is too costly to keep stock of so many cars of various models and years. It just won't make sense to them. However, they would always have the universal type since that is the only one that they need to carry.

Anyway, you still can also find the universal laptop mount online and with even a better deal. Those online stores get their supplies directly from the manufacturers and thus, they can sell most of the models through the internet, just like Amazon.

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Car Laptop Stand
Car Laptop Stand


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