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Cheap Car Insurance Female

Updated on July 9, 2010

Cheap Female Car Insurance Considerations

To determine an insurance premium rate, there are several factors that are taken into account. If you are a woman, your monthly car insurance premium rates will be relatively lower compared to a man. For some this may seem discriminatory and subjective especially if both the man and the woman will be evaluated with the same age, make and model of car and driving history. So why are there cheap car insurance female considerations? One may come to a conclusion that car insurance companies has a thing or two against the male population favoring women when it comes to the specifications of car insurance coverage and their premium rates.

Coming to terms with insurance companies, the sexist theory has been considered to have no basis at all. The premium rates on car insurance coverage in actuality are related to a table of calculated risks or actualities. This table will help any cheap car insurance broker and other car insurance companies determine the statistics that will uncover the type of risks that both genders will present to car insurance companies. It is the intricate method of putting things into perspective. Women may seem to have several special services going on for them on many occasions and this one plays right into their favor without real intent to do so.

Car Insurance Premium Rates for Females

As it is mentioned, there are many factors that determine an insurance premium rate and it is a mathematical method that gives way to cheap car insurance female favors in several considered aspects. Age and gender is a major deciding factor along with the brand and model of the care including it mileage and of course the person’s driving record. When it comes to gender specifications, there are many insurance discounts that are being offered for women favoring them in many ways. Although cheap female car insurance may be partial to women in particular, the validity of this fact is supported by history and statistical records.

Insurance companies are always focused in earning more and more profit and they are not in business to lose any of it. This is the reason why they have to know and predefine ahead of time each of their customer’s liability or calculated risk that they are capable of. Man and women has known to have records on what gender has the highest statistics on damage control and according to history, women proved to be less accident prone with lesser injuries and vehicle damages through time. The level of risk and legal responsibility women bring on the road gives them the edge on cheap car insurance for under average rates and on their premium coverage.

Discount Female Car Insurance

With cheap car insurance female considerations, insurance companies are bound to give more discounts and promotional offers on cheap car insurance 18 years of age with car insurance rates for women drivers. It may seem unfair and biased to men in particular especially for those with impeccable driving history. But this is a known fact, married women has a lot of things on their plate in most given time and to juggle driving a car with babies on board in a traffic choked street is something to be admired.

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    • JerseyGirl profile image

      JerseyGirl 7 years ago from Jersey Shore

      Loved your hub.... but for sure - car insurance rates are based on your driving record. Unless, of course you are a young female who drives a corvette. :)