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Cheap Car Insurance 18

Updated on May 21, 2010

Discount Factors on Cheap Car Insurance 18

Hiding the keys before you go to sleep will not stop a teenager from finding them, sneaking out and driving your car away. It's time to embrace your fears and trust your 18 year old to drive and take responsibility on the road. You can now find cheap car insurance 18 that will be suitable for your eager young driver. The technique is to learn how you can apply certain discounts that will lower down your car insurance rate.

Insurance companies consider teens to have a higher probability in being involved in an accident as well as acquiring a file of driving tickets compared to an adult. This is due to recklessness and inattention to details which is still natural for younger people; thus, resulting to a pricey monthly car insurance rate. If you choose to add your 18 your old to you car insurance policy, it will likely increase your monthly insurance cost and make your premium go even higher. You can expect an increase of 100% and even much higher on a teen's car insurance rates.

Avoiding High Car Insurance Rates

You can avoid your car insurance rates from getting steeper and find the best deal on your teenager's car insurance using various methods. Keeping your cost down is done through auto insurance discounters' discounts and young drivers are inclined to avail of these discounts on cheap car insurance 18 provided they have the points to get them.

Achieving a Low Insurance Rate

Putting your child's safety above everything else is very important. Protecting your property is very much significant as well. Achieving a low insurance rate is possible and you can do this through three steps.

  1. Educating Your Young Driver - Before you become a driver yourself, you also took this path. Your youngster needs to understand the importance on being educated on the rules and regulations of the street. This will help them get ready before taking a written exam on the principles for driving and mastering road signs. Passing the exam will make you eligible for a discount which normally runs at 10% let say within 3 years. You are looking on hundreds of dollars saved on your car insurance premiums with cheap car insurance for under 25.
  2. Choosing Older Cars - Your 18 year old may already have a car model in mind and you'd hate to be the one to break the news that he's not going to get it. But it needs to be done. You have to talk to your youngster and explain why. Your insurance rate will always be factored on how expensive your car is. Luxury cars tend to have higher insurance rate attached to them and older cars offer low maintenance which results to lower and more affordable insurance rates.
  3. An 'A' Student - Having an excellent academic record is like having a clean driving history. Presenting a record like this to insurance companies will absolutely guarantee you a discount on cheap car insurance female cars' insurance rate. There are many insurance companies that offer car insurance policies with discounts involving this particular matter. A students are known for discipline and good behavior that gives them a chance of being excellent drivers.

Your guidance is very much important and it will help your youngster to become a responsible driver. Looking for cheap car insurance 18 is very much significant for family that runs a very significant budget. The safety of your child needs to be considered in every aspect of your car insurance policy and everything else can come next.


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    • dwhite111 profile image

      dwhite111 7 years ago from Michigan

      Great hub! I worked insurance for a few years and sold primarily auto loans/insurance. Another thing to consider: Putting all of your insurance with one company, and sticking with them to build up 'time' with the same company. That way you can get all of the multi-line and loyalty discounts.