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Cheap winter tires (kelly, debica, fulda, sava, hankook)

Updated on April 11, 2013

So hello my dears. Again i'm going to write a hub about tires and again it's pointed to winter tires. As i wrote in my earlier hub, i had to buy winter tires this year. And so as i'm a student, it had to cheap but of a good quality. I was choosing from a few models and the decision i made is well i believe.

I bought a Kelly Winter ST tires, that cost me about $45 per each (175/70/14") and that is a very good deal. Probably Kelly's brand isn't something you hear a lot about tires, but i have to say that those tires are made by GoodYear engineers, in Europe, so their quality is just perfect. These tires gives you the best ratio of price (they are really cheap) and performance (good traction, low braking distance and whats most important, they are quiet).

This one is on my car now :)

Kelly Winter ST
Kelly Winter ST | Source

Other tires

As i said earlier, i had to choose from some other low budget tires, and those where:

All these cost from about $40 to $55 each, so they are in the same range as mine Kelly. The essential thing why i choose Kelly and not the others is that it 2010/11 model, so it has new design, uses new technologies and i always believe in new technologies. Most of those tires can be found on online tire stores. In fact there should be winter tires sales at the moment in most counties so it shouldn't be a problem to find yourself a relevant tires!


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    • fanatik_efka profile image

      fanatik_efka 6 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania

      Arti, thanks for your comment. I myself as i said, used Kelly winter ST, and after one winter here in Lithuania, i can say it's not the best tires i've ever used, but still for the price they do what they should.

    • profile image

      Arti 6 years ago

      I don't know how Kellys perform, didn't find any tests on the net, but I surely know, how crappy Sava Eskimo S3 is - it has NO GRIP even on wet winter roads, let alone packed snow or ice! STAY AWAY FROM THESE.

      My brother bougth a set of Kelly Winter ST yesterday, so no real opinions yet. The tyres look nice, the compound is soft, but I doubt they will perform like real winter tyres for nordic winters.