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Dutch Superbus. The Most Eco Friendly Bus

Updated on June 25, 2019

We life in modern era and the people claimed to be more creative in creating something. This was related with technology. The more creative people and develop technology, they also must consider about the environmental issues. “Go green” and “global warming” are the main reason for them. Both of these issues become motivation for the company in creating eco friendly technology. We can see these in home appliances, electronic equipment, transportations and many things around us.

I don’t know what happened with this world if pollution is increasing with the number of the volume of vehicles produced every day. The road maybe looks complicated and filled by carbon monoxide. This isn't good for healthy. I think we know about this. I wouldn't explain the bad effect caused by the air pollution especially carbon monoxide. This time we can see how these issues put in the vehicle. Netherlands is developing environmentally friendly public transport which capable of carrying 23 passengers. This transport has a speed of 155 miles per hour or maximum speed 250 km/h on the energy stored in a single battery. It is capable of running over 210 kilometers. Wow, Curious? please continued to read....

This bus will be produced and marketed as the best solutions for congestion, pollution, and safety at the same time. This bus is the epitome of sustainable mobility. Who is the man behind this marvelous creation? Wubbo Ockels, the Netherlands' first astronaut as the designer of the luxurious automobile. Wubbo Ockerls is currently known as the professor of mechanical and aerospace technology in Netherland. This bus has length about 15 meters with 23 passengers. With the best privacy and supported by 16 vertical opening doors on each side of the bus (eight on each side). Dutch superbus is made entirely of carbon fiber and fiberglass and also supported by 300 kW electric motors fed by rechargeable batteries. With total output power about 800 horsepower from several electric motors. Personally I never find a bus using rechargeable batteries like this bus. So, I give my thumbs up!

courtesy of
courtesy of

Based the outer appearance, this bus has streamlined body. This is amazing project and hopefully this bus could accommodate the environmental issue. Dutch superbus is like a high -speed train with low energy consumption. Wow…. Only high technology can make this one. From the appearance, it looks luxurious like a limousine. For the present, there's no information about the fixed schedule to accommodate flexibility in high volume transport on demand. As we know this is a project and I believe the company serious in creating enjoyable vehicle for the passengers. But don’t worry, Dutch superbus has ability to travel on most roads and change its route on demand.

courtesy of
courtesy of

This project worth € 1,3 million, according to Antonia Terzi as a chief designer of superbus. He is also a former of BMW-Williams Formula 1 team principal. Superbus is an environmentally friendly vehicle to overcome the challenges of mobility, spatial planning, detailed service and environmental demands. Superbus also completed with high maneuverability technology, obstacle detection systems and formidable breaking power. Based on a BBC report, this vehicle will be on display in Dubai next month. When the superbus sold in the market? Just wait and see. I hope we can hear good news for this new transportation. Please enjoy the video below!

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