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Home Car Wash Machine

Updated on January 11, 2016

A Home Car Wash For Her

Home Car Wash
Home Car Wash | Source

Home Car Wash, How to do it Properly

Home Car Wash

Are you one of those people that don't have time to give your car a Home Car Wash , well shame on you for neglecting your investment , and driving your car into a machine that rips and tears away at your paint job and fender wells, and wasting all that water. In a sense I am joking, I understand the at home car wash is not what some of you want to do , yet it may involve exercise and having to get off the text to your boyfriend , yet if you have a new or fairly new car, I would suggest you hand wash you car at your home car wash.

Why would you want to do this, you ask , when I can pay ten dollars and sit and do business while I am In a building spraying water from all angles, on a track that pulls my car down a hallway and gets the windows done,the side panels cleaned. and everything else I pay good money for. I think you just touched on it, payed big money for what, have you noticed how much pressure the brush less car wash uses to clean your car off, that's why they are brush less, the more pressure the harder dirt comes off and a bit of you sealant as well as getting sandblasted. I understand the every once in a while I am in a hurry to pick up a client and have to have the Black Jaguar clean as a whistle to pick up my company ,and in a hurry, yet maybe we need to take time to prepare a little more, my feelings indeed.

I have a Black sports car and love Black cars, they just look really cool, and my home car wash, is where I clean my vehicle off with and granted I have a small car , that it is a coupe or two door car, it really does not take too much to clean and wash this car, yet I do have to bend over and get the tires and rims, and their is arm movement, or exercise to this ordeal. The few of us that need the exercise what better way , than to home wash your car, and it actually comes out looking better than if you ran it through the car wash without the water streaks. I live in west Texas and the water in our lines, is not that good even to drink, we have had Erin Brockovich , the water lady from the Movie where she was played by Julia Robert's in some water movie , I can't remember the name of, come and say it's as bad , the water in Midland, Texas.

I don't do much when I home car wash my black vehicle, and being black means I have to wash it quite often, so I tell you what I do, and this is true with all black vehicles I have owned and cared for. I do not use soap, at all, reason is that I never can seam to get it off in time before the car dries and then I have to rub and get the soap off, and yes that is time consuming and physically challenging. I use water to rinse the dirt and grime off, then I use a spray on was while the car is still wet, not too much of the wax now, just a spray here and there, and while I dry the vehicle off in my home car wash it starts shining the instant i start buffing off the water, total time is about 10 minutes, and another 10 minutes getting the car prepped , like the water hose and towels that I will need and my wax in the spray bottle. I like the Armour all for the wheels and I usually just clean the rims with the towels from the wax buffing and they come out shiny as day,as you can see my red Ferrari in the above picture looked like, just kidding, not mine.

In Reality though, using a hard, and high pressure water cleaning unit that I see and have used in most cities can do more damage than you may think to your car, so a home car wash is the answer to several problems, you get exercise , you get a better looking shine, your tires are all black and shiny, and looks better than the 10 dollar car wash that you could of spent at the store buying you wine and cheese with for the nightly movie you may like to see.

Christopher Hyer2.18.2011

How to Hand Car Wash A Vehicle


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