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Where to Find Motorcycle Mirrors

Updated on September 12, 2010

Mirrors are one of the most common cosmetic parts requiring a change on motorcycles. They are usually the first item to go in the even of an accident (you may be able to put in a motorbike accident claim in to your insurance company to recover the cost of this) and are also the most extreme width of the motorcycle resulting in them being clipped off when things get tight (either by yourself or another road user).

For this reason there is a lot of spares made for each motorcycle model old or new as well as custom options. The tricky part is being able to find what you want, and at a good price. Many spare ones will come unpainted so you will have to factor in the cost of that to match your motorcycle/other mirror. Second hand ones are often a good bet to go for if you are replacing one side. Another note on this is to go for one from a similar age and condition motorcycle. If you keep yours under a good motorbike cover and the one you are buying has been left out constantly in hot sunny conditions, then their paintwork is likely to be faded more than yours and stand out - requiring painting anyway to get it to match.

Locations to Purchase Motorcycle Mirrors

Main Dealers: Your motorcycle manufacturer will be able to order you standard/stock mirrors that you require unless it is a very old model. This is often the quickest way to get a replacement stock mirror for your motorcycle. They can be painted in stock colors too.

Motor Factors: This is the place to get third part manufactured mirrors at a decent price. This is where a garage would look to buy the mirror from if the main dealer can not get them. They come unpainted so will require painting in addition to the purchase cost.

Salvage yards - A good place to get second hand parts that will match your motorcycle mirrors. However this depends on their stock, and can be a bit hit or miss, it also depends on one being local to you to make the journey worthwhile. This is probably the cheapest option, and should be the first point of call as it's also the most unlikely to happen.

Second hand auctions online - eBay is the prime example for this. You can find mirrors for your motorcycle on here, it may be shipped from abroad and be cheap. However quality isn't guaranteed on these items unless you are buying an OEM one.

Owners forums - Try your motorcycle owners forum, every one seems to have a for sale section and many people break their motorcycles so have parts for sale, some good bargains can be found here too.

Custom online shops - Many shops specializing in custom bike modifications will stock mirrors as they are a key point of styling. Why not take the opportunity to replace both mirrors and change the style of your motorbike mirrors whilst you have the chance?

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