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Where to Find Used Motorcycle Parts

Updated on September 8, 2010

There are many benefits for using second hand parts, they are cheaper, original and you know they are going to fit. Modern replacements can occasionally be made generically to fit many motorcycles so need a different fitment for every motorcycle.

Also original parts are usually made of higher quality and last many more years longer than there contemporary replacements made by third party companies.

If you are lucky to have a automotive fair nearby you may get lucky and find the part you are after, some of these events advertise who is there before going so you can check to make sure you wont waste your time going.

Other alternate options (that require a bit more luck) would be garage sales, car trunk sales and generic places online to sell 2nd hand items like craigslist or gumtree. There are more productive ways to find the used motorcycle parts you are after though, and I've written this detailed guide to help you find the part you are after.

Where to Find Used Motorcycle Parts

The first place to check for the cheapest used motorcycle parts is a junkyard, however these (especially motorcycle specific ones) can be hard to find so there are alternate online sources about to accommodate.

After this you can try local motor factors. These are where automotive garages go to purchase motor parts for their work and although public prices are slightly higher than trade without a trade card (as you won't be bringing return custom or claiming tax back), you should still get them cheaper than other places selling second hand parts.

Next you can try second hand dealers online. There are a few companies (a lot of original ones are junk yards taking their business online) that are worth checking if your local junkyards can not locate a part you desire.

Other Places to Find Used Motorcycle Parts

You should be careful in the 2nd hand parts you are after: rubber parts deteriorate rapidly after approximately 7 years (they stiffen, crack and lose flexibility) and are not a recommended 2nd hand buy. However metal parts do last providing they haven't been misused or suffered as a result from a different part of the engine failing (blow head gasket will damage valves for example).

eBay is a reasonable source but you may be waiting months for the right part and even then may get outbid at the last moment, devastating! You can set up eBay alerts to send you an e-mail when an auction is listed with a keyword you want e.g 'used Harley Davidson seats'.

A better idea is to search on specific owners forums. The chances are their is a lot of enthusiasts for your model and someone around the world will have the part spare and happily send it on for the going rate. This method has never failed me when I own rare models of cars or motorcycles. You still might have to wait a bit, but something always turns up over time - put out wanted advertisements and you might get lucky quickly.

After Honda or Triumph Parts?

If you are after used Honda motorcycle parts or Triumph motorcycle parts - be sure to check out the respective hubs.


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