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Motorcycle Windshields Including Windshield Extension

Updated on October 2, 2010

Motorcycle windshields function on the front of motorcycles to guide the air over the rider for a more comfortable ride. They also air aerodynamics for this reason too, helping you accelerate quicker, have better fuel economy and can even look cool too.

The most common reason to replace your windshield in the USA is for extra protection and wind resistance over long distance rides. In Europe they tend to be changed for style and sport reasons to get that bit extra speed out of the motorcycle.

There is a couple of types of motorcycle windshields you can purchase, extension and replacement windshields, I discuss both of them below.

Types of Motorcycle Windshields

There is a few different styles of motorcycle windshields. The chances are your road bike came with one as standard. However people have many reasons for changing theirs, so here are the options available.

Extension motorcycle windshields

These clip onto your standard windshield to extend the range. Depending on fitment they can still let air through (see picture to the right). They can be fixed in a number of ways dependent on the style. Adhesive is one method but tends to leave a visible mess unless covered up. Clips can be good depending on what they are clipping too, and bolted ones require drilling your original windshield - which can be difficult due to its curve - drill slowly. Extension wind shields tend to be the cheapest option, and with good reason too.

Replacement windshields

Replacements wind shields require the original windscreen to be remove and replaced with a new one. They don't always come with the fitments required (bolts, clips or however yours is kept on) so be very careful not to damage your own when removing it as they may be needed to fit the new wind screen.

These can completely change the windshield's function and ability to your requirements. Smaller sporty choices have better airflow to allow you to accelerate a bit more and hit a higher top speed. However in normal seating positions they can be more uncomfortable as they allow more wind to hit you directly

A larger windscreen is more suitable for touring motorcycles like the Harley Davidson Road Glide. These protect the rider from more air giving a comfy wind (and pressure) free ride. However they do increased the front aerodynamic size of the motorcycle so it uses more power (and therefore fuel) to get up to the same speeds as the stock windshield.

Want More Motorcycle Information?

Are you looking for motorcycle mirrors in addition to your windshield? They can effect air flow around your motorcycle too, so it is worth changing them if you are altering your aerodynamic profile.

Comfort may be important to you on your motorcycle, you can always improve it by looking into getting a new motorcycle seat.

A motorcycle jacket is where the air will hit when you don't have a large windshield and keeps you protected, make sure you get a good one.

Another big consideration of the long distance rider is motorcycle luggage, having boxes too big can poke out and cost you too.


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