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Harley Davidson Road Glide

Updated on September 10, 2010

The Harley Davidson Road Glide is THE touring bike. Packed with extrodinary features that is top of it's class, it's hard to beat.

It has large pannier boxes, and the handling has been improved since last years model, the wide front style is still there making it very comfortable to ride in windy conditions. This also allows front fairing storage, much more easy accessed than under seat storage. ABS is available. The fairing is frame mounted rather than handlebar mounted like other HD touring motorcycles, which makes it unique in the class.

The engine is the ever smooth and grunty V twin Harleys need to come with, it is the 96 air cooled twin cam model. Some people complain about the seats, but you can always get an aftermarket Harley Davidson seat for the Road Glide.

Harley Davidson Road Glide Features

The Road Glide custom is available in 3 colors, Vivid Black, Scarlet Red and Black Demin. The wheel design of choice is the black slotted 5 spoke aluminum wheel.

The new 2-1 exhaust increases the torque output but pulls away from the traditional Harley Davidson twin exhaust style. This is to fit the exhaust under the pannier boxes/saddle bags better and allow for more luggage capactity

The shark nose fairing increases aerodynamics of the front of the motorcycle and holds the iconic twin headlamp design inside still

Flatboards are next to the pedals to allow you to rest your feet easier when cruising (as opposed to bars) This increases the comfort and works well with cruise control.

Custom twin rear lights help achieve the slammed look and are just above the rear license plate holder.

Not only is it fitted with a Harley Davidson Clock, but you get a whole audio system on the road glide too, perfect for those long journeys and long distance road trips.

There is an optional side car too so you can take additional loved ones as well as a pillion passenger behind you.

The pannier boxes/saddle bags were optional on some years version of the road glide so will not always be there, although most owners have gone for them, to match the front fairing as much as anything else. If not then you can purchase motorcycle luggage separately.

Fancy a different Harley Davidson?

As well as the iconic Road Glide, Harley Davidson also offers some other models you may be interested in that I have written about.

How about the good old Harley Davidson Screamin Eagle? Passing through the generations this has plenty of history behind it like the Road Glide.

After something a bit more rocking? How about the Harley Davidson Rocker? Harley's take on a chopper bike - you know it's good already.

How about just some Harley Davidson gifts for your loved ones? There is plenty about! So if you're stuck for ideas check that hub out.


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