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Mountain Bike for Ladies

Updated on November 24, 2011

Mountain Bike for Women

Riding mountain bike is not only seen as a sport for men but also for women. This sport is getting popular among active women who are looking for pastime activities that can relieve them from stress as a result of hectic city life and office works. I don't know whether your hobby is cycling or not but if you have never been cycling since your childhood age, you should consider it again. Cycling or riding bicycle is really good for your health and environment.

Cross Country or Dirt jump

Before buying a mountain bike, you should see the type that is suitable for your needs. If you want to ride the bicycle for passing through villages and farmlands then the right type of your dreamed bike is cross country bike. If you are a more adventurous person then riding a dirt jump mountain bike perhaps an interesting option for you. Cross country bike and dirt jump bike are different in frame design. Because the dirt jump frame will have to withstand frequent hard shocks, they have been manufactured as sturdy and strong frames in mountain bike class. In my opinion, a cross country is the most recommended mountain bike for women. It is light and can bring you every where you paddle it.

Mountain Bike for Ladies - Polygon Celine 3.0
Mountain Bike for Ladies - Polygon Celine 3.0

Downhill Mountain Bike

This type of bike is made to cater those who want to ride their bike down a slope or steep hill. Bikers of down hill bike are assisted by their weight (gravity force) when riding down the hill. So, the design of the bike frame has been adapted to the requirement of bikers who need a stable bike when riding on an inclined position.

Free ride bike - This is a good bike type that many women like to ride too. It can maneuver over or around small objects both in the hilly mountains or flat road.

Carbon Framed Bike

There are many bicycle manufacturers in the world at the moment. In Indonesia the most famous brand is Polygon. In the US, I think Cannondale, GT, Seven and Kona are perhaps famous brands that you should consider when thinking of buying a bicycle. Another brand that has become a favorite choice is Scott. The price of a carbon fiber mountain bike manufactured by Scott or Kona is usually much higher than an aluminum framed bike made by Polygon. Todays technology has enabled engineers and designers to create mountain bikes that are light but strong. Carbon frame are famous material that meets such requirement. The main obstacle for many bikers to own a carbon framed bike is its price. 

Polygon Celine 3.0 - a cheap mountain bike for women from Polygon

A few days ago I tested a Celine 3.0. It is a mountain bike for women that is manufactured by Polygon, a bicycle maker from Indonesia. Its frame is made of Alutech 6061 Frame, an ultralite aluminum alloy. The size of this mountain bike is 14" with purple coating. This size is only suitable for ladies whose maximum height is 170 cm. For tall ladies, my recommendation will be buying full suspension Lexi women's 2 manufactured by Cannondale. The front and rear gears of Polygon Celine 3.0 are supplied by Shimano Alivio whereas the brakes are from Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake. So, although the bicycle is manufactured by an Indonesian company, many of its parts are imported from the USA, Italy and Japan. Cycling industry is more global oriented than car industry. When car manufacturers compete from one another to survive in the world market and gain larger market share, bicycle manufacturers work together to provide the ligthest, the safest, the sturdiest and hopefully the cheapest bicycles to all bike lovers. My last tip before you buy your dreamed mountain bike is: "Don't forget to wear a helmet when you ride."

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