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If a classic american was remade like a 70 chevelle was remade by chevy in 2016 to look old.

Ok so for the longest time when they first started bringing back the challanger and charger. I always had a feeling in the back of my head that one of these classic american cars are going to be remade. how would you feel about buying it. 1971 challanger brand new off the lot in 2016? Also if you own one of these cars already and restored it. Does the value of your car drop crazy? I'm sure it would. Would thise lead to law suits? would it Cause a major car company to collapse?

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George S McChristian (ttagpine) says

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2 years ago
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    Dillon Gumfory 2 years ago

    Hey thank you for that great response. It was a lot more helpful then i expected. I'm new to this site but I'm loving it already. Now i have to go look up this ford gt 40. Before you nobody ever has mentioned this car to me.