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When your car or truck has a lot of miles and in need of a lot of repairs, do yo

  1. Michael Davis profile image88
    Michael Davisposted 8 years ago

    When your car or truck has a lot of miles and in need of a lot of repairs, do you give it a overhaul

    I drive my personal truck for a living- I need to consider if it is better to buy a "new" truck or overhaul the one I have

    Too, when you use a personal vehicle for a delivery job, is it better to buy

  2. Bozoplay profile image82
    Bozoplayposted 8 years ago

    If you are up against a large repair bill, then that is the time to haul it over to the junkyard instead of performing the overhaul. You have only identified the tip of the iceberg for repairs because more will surface. Time for a new truck. Prices won't get much better than right now.

    Besides your business use should cover a lot of the depreciation and expenses as tax deductions. You may be hanging on to the vehicle too long.

  3. bkozak profile image59
    bkozakposted 8 years ago

    There is no easy answer, one must weight cost versus benefit.

  4. SYZ8888 profile image59
    SYZ8888posted 8 years ago

    ok, depend on your financial background, if you have the amount money for repair your car, just pay for that. if you think, this car is too old, or need a lot of repairs, and you don;t want to spend the money and time on that staff, just give up your old car. Buy a new one or used one with better condition, this way you can save more money in the future. ( save for repair money, save for your time too,. save for your worry)

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