What is wrong with my car... What should i check first?

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  1. vanteezy profile image39
    vanteezyposted 15 years ago

    What is wrong with my car... What should i check first?

    If batteries goes died and your car will not start.  What shall be done to fix it.

  2. Lady_E profile image73
    Lady_Eposted 15 years ago

    Well, that happened to me once and I called the AA who started it up again and drove behind me to my office incase it stopped - so they could restart it again.  The second day, they put in a new battery. So, get yourself a new battery.

  3. kmackey32 profile image63
    kmackey32posted 15 years ago

    Actually, I would make sure the battery terminals are secure and tight first before going to buy a new battery.

  4. Yabber-Dabber-Do profile image58
    Yabber-Dabber-Doposted 14 years ago

    Vanteezy went to answer your question, and the damn computer blank out the answer for you.  Never buy a damn Toshiba or Vista system.
         Before you spend the money on a battery make sure it is your battery that is bad, and not the alternator.  Personally, these services centers that are located in malls are just that.  Real mechanics do not work at WalMart, Autozone, Pep Boys, Kelly's, Sam's, Costco's etc.  As a professional I never, never buy any electrical parts from Autozone.  Use NAPA, Advanced, and last resort the dealer.  Be careful jumping your vehicle from another if newer than 2005, could destroy the ECM, and that will cost you some bucks.  Electronic Control Module is heart and brains; best jump the vehicle from a booster or portable jump box "Everstart" for example.  Once you get the vehicle running you can drive over to your neighborhood mechanic, do not turn off the engine.  Ask someone to put a battery load test on your battery.  This will tell you if your battery will hold a load for few minutes, and the alternator will resupply current to the battery, if not, battery is not your problem-buy an alternator, as the regulator is build in most now days.  Need a battery later, my suggestion would be an Interstate or Select NAPA brand battery, well worth your investment in long term usage.  Always check why your car won't crank, before you nickle dime yourself from others advice, your the one who will be broke down one night, not the advisor.    Renovator Dave

  5. profile image0
    sord87posted 14 years ago

    learn how to install a new battery.

  6. midomssh profile image61
    midomsshposted 13 years ago

    first when your battery die remove it and put in a charger and know your battery status is just empty  or total loss
    if you had to buy new battry then you may have electric problem due to over charge or  bad alternator
    then test your alternator after installing your new battry and starting your engine letting it idle a while   then remove one battry terminal if engine  stop that mean you have problems in your alternator and you need new one .that mean alternator damge your old battry
    if altrneator ok check cut out regulator it maybe the problem  and some new altrneator have regulator build in


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